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The highest tagged major version is v2.

Published: May 20, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const MAX_OUTPUT_SIZE = 4096

func Balance

func Balance(seed string) (amount float64, err error)

Balance of the wallet (not address!)

func BalanceLovelace

func BalanceLovelace(seed string) (amount *big.Int, err error)

BalanceLovelace returns the balance of the wallet (not address!) in lovelace

func GenWallet

func GenWallet() (seed, address string, err error)

GenWallet for Cardano

func GetAddress

func GetAddress(seed string) (address string, err error)

GetAddress for the wallet

func Send

func Send(seed, destination string, amountf float64) (tx string, err error)

func SendAll

func SendAll(seed, destination string) (tx string, err error)

func SendLovelace

func SendLovelace(seed, destination string, amount *big.Int) (tx string, err error)

func Validate

func Validate(address string) (valid bool, err error)
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