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Package conf writes and reads the Encore configuration file for the user.



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var APIBaseURL = (func() string {
	if u := os.Getenv("ENCORE_PLATFORM_API_URL"); u != "" {
		return u
	return defaultPlatformURL

APIBaseURL is the base URL for communicating with the Encore Platform.

AuthClient is an *http.Client that authenticates requests using the logged-in user.

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var CacheDevDash = (func() bool {
	return !strings.Contains(DevDashURL, "localhost")

CacheDevDash reports whether or not the dev dash contents should be cached.

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var DefaultClient = &http.Client{Transport: defaultTransport{}}

DefaultClient is an *http.Client that authenticates requests if the user is logged in. If the user is not logged in, the request is sent without authentication.

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var DefaultTokenSource = NewTokenSource()
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var DevDaemon = (func() bool {
	return os.Getenv("ENCORE_DAEMON_DEV") != ""

DevDaemon reports whether or not the daemon is running in development mode.

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var DevDashURL = (func() string {
	if u := os.Getenv("ENCORE_DEVDASH_URL"); u != "" {
		return u
	return defaultDevDashURL

DevDashURL is the base URL to retrieve the dev dashboard code from.

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var ErrInvalidRefreshToken = errors.New("invalid refresh token")
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var ErrNotLoggedIn = errors.New("not logged in: run 'encore auth login' first")
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var WSBaseURL = (func() string {
	return strings.Replace(APIBaseURL, "http", "ws", -1)

WSBaseURL is the base URL for communicating with the Encore Platform over WebSocket.


func CacheDir added in v1.31.0

func CacheDir() (string, error)

CacheDir reports the base directory for storing data which can be cached and deleted at any time by the user without affecting the Encore daemon.

The directory may or may not exist already.

func DataDir added in v1.23.0

func DataDir() (string, error)

DataDir reports the base directory for storing data, like database volumes. The directory may or may not exist already.

func Dir

func Dir() (string, error)

Dir reports the directory where Encore's configuration is stored.

func Logout

func Logout() error

func Write

func Write(cfg *Config) (err error)

Write persists the configuration for the user.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Actor     string `json:"actor,omitempty"`    // The ID of either the user or app authenticated
	Email     string `json:"email,omitempty"`    // non-zero if logged in as a user
	AppSlug   string `json:"app_slug,omitempty"` // non-zero if logged in as an app
	WireGuard struct {
		PublicKey  string `json:"pub,omitempty"`
		PrivateKey string `json:"priv,omitempty"`
	} `json:"wg,omitempty"`

Config represents the stored Encore configuration.

func CurrentUser

func CurrentUser() (*Config, error)

func OriginalUser

func OriginalUser(configDir string) (cfg *Config, err error)

type TokenSource

type TokenSource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TokenSource implements oauth2.TokenSource by looking up the current logged in user's API Token.

func NewTokenSource added in v1.22.1

func NewTokenSource() *TokenSource

func (*TokenSource) Token

func (ts *TokenSource) Token() (*oauth2.Token, error)

Token implements oauth2.TokenSource.

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