This directory contains auto-generated mocks for the ProfilerService interface.

To regenerate the mocks, install tool and run the command below while in the mocks directory.

mockgen -package mocks \
         ProfilerServiceClient \
         > mock_profiler_client.go

Then re-add the copyright header in the file. You also need to either run the commands above using Golang 1.6 or manually change the "context" import to "context" to ensure the compatibility with Go 1.6.

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    Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.



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    type MockProfilerServiceClient

    type MockProfilerServiceClient struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      MockProfilerServiceClient is a mock of ProfilerServiceClient interface

      func NewMockProfilerServiceClient

      func NewMockProfilerServiceClient(ctrl *gomock.Controller) *MockProfilerServiceClient

        NewMockProfilerServiceClient creates a new mock instance

        func (*MockProfilerServiceClient) CreateOfflineProfile

        func (m *MockProfilerServiceClient) CreateOfflineProfile(arg0 context.Context, arg1 *v2.CreateOfflineProfileRequest, arg2 ...grpc.CallOption) (*v2.Profile, error)

          CreateOfflineProfile mocks base method

          func (*MockProfilerServiceClient) CreateProfile

          func (m *MockProfilerServiceClient) CreateProfile(arg0 context.Context, arg1 *v2.CreateProfileRequest, arg2 ...grpc.CallOption) (*v2.Profile, error)

            CreateProfile mocks base method

            func (*MockProfilerServiceClient) EXPECT

              EXPECT returns an object that allows the caller to indicate expected use

              func (*MockProfilerServiceClient) UpdateProfile

              func (m *MockProfilerServiceClient) UpdateProfile(arg0 context.Context, arg1 *v2.UpdateProfileRequest, arg2 ...grpc.CallOption) (*v2.Profile, error)

                UpdateProfile mocks base method

                type MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder

                type MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder is the mock recorder for MockProfilerServiceClient

                  func (*MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) CreateOfflineProfile

                  func (mr *MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) CreateOfflineProfile(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                    CreateOfflineProfile indicates an expected call of CreateOfflineProfile

                    func (*MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) CreateProfile

                    func (mr *MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) CreateProfile(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                      CreateProfile indicates an expected call of CreateProfile

                      func (*MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) UpdateProfile

                      func (mr *MockProfilerServiceClientMockRecorder) UpdateProfile(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                        UpdateProfile indicates an expected call of UpdateProfile