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var DefaultLanguage = "zh-CN"


func GetRequestLogger

func GetRequestLogger(c *gin.Context) *logger.Helper

GetRequestLogger 获取上下文提供的日志

func SetRequestLogger

func SetRequestLogger(c *gin.Context)

SetRequestLogger 设置logger中间件


type Api

type Api struct {
	Context *gin.Context
	Logger  *logger.Helper
	Orm     *gorm.DB
	Errors  error

func (*Api) AddError

func (e *Api) AddError(err error)

func (*Api) Bind

func (e *Api) Bind(d interface{}, bindings ...binding.Binding) *Api

Bind 参数校验

func (Api) Custom

func (e Api) Custom(data gin.H)

Custom 兼容函数

func (Api) Error

func (e Api) Error(code int, err error, msg string)

Error 通常错误数据处理

func (Api) GetLogger

func (e Api) GetLogger() *logger.Helper

GetLogger 获取上下文提供的日志

func (Api) GetOrm

func (e Api) GetOrm() (*gorm.DB, error)

GetOrm 获取Orm DB

func (*Api) MakeContext

func (e *Api) MakeContext(c *gin.Context) *Api

MakeContext 设置http上下文

func (*Api) MakeOrm

func (e *Api) MakeOrm() *Api

MakeOrm 设置Orm DB

func (*Api) MakeService

func (e *Api) MakeService(c *service.Service) *Api

func (Api) OK

func (e Api) OK(data interface{}, msg string)

OK 通常成功数据处理

func (Api) PageOK

func (e Api) PageOK(result interface{}, count int, pageIndex int, pageSize int, msg string)

PageOK 分页数据处理

func (Api) Translate

func (e Api) Translate(form, to interface{})

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