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func NewCache

func NewCache(prefix string, store storage.AdapterCache, wxTokenStoreKey string) storage.AdapterCache

NewCache 创建对应上下文缓存

func NewLocker

func NewLocker(prefix string, locker storage.AdapterLocker) storage.AdapterLocker

NewLocker 创建对应上下文分布式锁

func NewQueue

func NewQueue(prefix string, queue storage.AdapterQueue) storage.AdapterQueue

NewQueue 创建对应上下文队列


type Application

type Application struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Application

NewConfig 默认值

func (*Application) GetCacheAdapter

func (e *Application) GetCacheAdapter() storage.AdapterCache

GetCacheAdapter 获取缓存

func (*Application) GetCachePrefix

func (e *Application) GetCachePrefix(key string) storage.AdapterCache

GetCachePrefix 获取带租户标记的cache

func (*Application) GetCasbin

func (e *Application) GetCasbin() map[string]*casbin.SyncedEnforcer

func (*Application) GetCasbinKey

func (e *Application) GetCasbinKey(key string) *casbin.SyncedEnforcer

GetCasbinKey 根据key获取casbin

func (*Application) GetCrontab

func (e *Application) GetCrontab() map[string]*cron.Cron

GetCrontab 获取所有map里的crontab数据

func (*Application) GetCrontabKey

func (e *Application) GetCrontabKey(key string) *cron.Cron

GetCrontabKey 根据key获取crontab

func (*Application) GetDb

func (e *Application) GetDb() map[string]*gorm.DB

GetDb 获取所有map里的db数据

func (*Application) GetDbByKey

func (e *Application) GetDbByKey(key string) *gorm.DB

GetDbByKey 根据key获取db

func (*Application) GetEngine

func (e *Application) GetEngine() http.Handler

GetEngine 获取路由引擎

func (*Application) GetHandler

func (e *Application) GetHandler() map[string][]func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc)

func (*Application) GetHandlerPrefix

func (e *Application) GetHandlerPrefix(key string) []func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc)

func (*Application) GetLockerAdapter

func (e *Application) GetLockerAdapter() storage.AdapterLocker

GetLockerAdapter 获取分布式锁

func (*Application) GetLockerPrefix

func (e *Application) GetLockerPrefix(key string) storage.AdapterLocker

func (*Application) GetLogger

func (e *Application) GetLogger() logger.Logger

GetLogger 获取日志组件

func (*Application) GetMemoryQueue

func (e *Application) GetMemoryQueue(prefix string) storage.AdapterQueue

func (*Application) GetMiddleware

func (e *Application) GetMiddleware() map[string]interface{}

GetMiddleware 获取所有中间件

func (*Application) GetMiddlewareKey

func (e *Application) GetMiddlewareKey(key string) interface{}

GetMiddlewareKey 获取对应key的中间件

func (*Application) GetQueueAdapter

func (e *Application) GetQueueAdapter() storage.AdapterQueue

GetQueueAdapter 获取队列适配器

func (*Application) GetQueuePrefix

func (e *Application) GetQueuePrefix(key string) storage.AdapterQueue

GetQueuePrefix 获取带租户标记的queue

func (*Application) GetRouter

func (e *Application) GetRouter() []Router

GetRouter 获取路由表

func (*Application) GetStreamMessage

func (e *Application) GetStreamMessage(id, stream string, value map[string]interface{}) (storage.Messager, error)

GetStreamMessage 获取队列需要用的message

func (*Application) SetCacheAdapter

func (e *Application) SetCacheAdapter(c storage.AdapterCache)

SetCacheAdapter 设置缓存

func (*Application) SetCasbin

func (e *Application) SetCasbin(key string, enforcer *casbin.SyncedEnforcer)

func (*Application) SetCrontab

func (e *Application) SetCrontab(key string, crontab *cron.Cron)

SetCrontab 设置对应key的crontab

func (*Application) SetDb

func (e *Application) SetDb(key string, db *gorm.DB)

SetDb 设置对应key的db

func (*Application) SetEngine

func (e *Application) SetEngine(engine http.Handler)

SetEngine 设置路由引擎

func (*Application) SetHandler

func (e *Application) SetHandler(key string, routerGroup func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc))

func (*Application) SetLockerAdapter

func (e *Application) SetLockerAdapter(c storage.AdapterLocker)

SetLockerAdapter 设置分布式锁

func (*Application) SetLogger

func (e *Application) SetLogger(l logger.Logger)

SetLogger 设置日志组件

func (*Application) SetMiddleware

func (e *Application) SetMiddleware(key string, middleware interface{})

SetMiddleware 设置中间件

func (*Application) SetQueueAdapter

func (e *Application) SetQueueAdapter(c storage.AdapterQueue)

SetQueueAdapter 设置队列适配器

type Cache

type Cache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (Cache) Connect

func (e Cache) Connect() error

Connect 初始化

func (Cache) Decrease

func (e Cache) Decrease(key string) error

func (Cache) Del

func (e Cache) Del(key string) error

Del delete key in cache

func (Cache) Expire

func (e Cache) Expire(key string, dur time.Duration) error

func (Cache) Get

func (e Cache) Get(key string) (string, error)

Get val in cache

func (Cache) HashDel

func (e Cache) HashDel(hk, key string) error

HashDel delete one key:value pair in hashtable cache

func (Cache) HashGet

func (e Cache) HashGet(hk, key string) (string, error)

HashGet get val in hashtable cache

func (Cache) Increase

func (e Cache) Increase(key string) error

Increase value

func (Cache) PutToken

func (e Cache) PutToken(token *oauth2.Token) error

PutToken 设置微信oauth2 token

func (Cache) Set

func (e Cache) Set(key string, val interface{}, expire int) error

Set val in cache

func (*Cache) SetPrefix

func (e *Cache) SetPrefix(prefix string)

SetPrefix 设置前缀

func (*Cache) String

func (e *Cache) String() string

String string输出

func (Cache) Token

func (e Cache) Token() (token *oauth2.Token, err error)

Token 获取微信oauth2 token

type Locker

type Locker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Locker) Lock

func (e *Locker) Lock(key string, ttl int64, options *redislock.Options) (*redislock.Lock, error)

Lock 返回分布式锁对象

func (*Locker) String

func (e *Locker) String() string

type Queue

type Queue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Queue) Append

func (e *Queue) Append(message storage.Messager) error

Append 增加数据到生产者

func (*Queue) Register

func (e *Queue) Register(name string, f storage.ConsumerFunc)

Register 注册消费者

func (*Queue) Run

func (e *Queue) Run()

Run 运行

func (*Queue) Shutdown

func (e *Queue) Shutdown()

Shutdown 停止

func (*Queue) String

func (e *Queue) String() string

type Router

type Router struct {
	HttpMethod, RelativePath, Handler string

type Routers

type Routers struct {
	List []Router

type Runtime

type Runtime interface {
	// SetDb 多db设置,⚠️SetDbs不允许并发,可以根据自己的业务,例如app分库、host分库
	SetDb(key string, db *gorm.DB)
	GetDb() map[string]*gorm.DB
	GetDbByKey(key string) *gorm.DB

	SetCasbin(key string, enforcer *casbin.SyncedEnforcer)
	GetCasbin() map[string]*casbin.SyncedEnforcer
	GetCasbinKey(key string) *casbin.SyncedEnforcer

	// SetEngine 使用的路由
	SetEngine(engine http.Handler)
	GetEngine() http.Handler

	GetRouter() []Router

	// SetLogger 使用go-admin定义的logger,参考来源go-micro
	SetLogger(logger logger.Logger)
	GetLogger() logger.Logger

	// SetCrontab crontab
	SetCrontab(key string, crontab *cron.Cron)
	GetCrontab() map[string]*cron.Cron
	GetCrontabKey(key string) *cron.Cron

	// SetMiddleware middleware
	SetMiddleware(string, interface{})
	GetMiddleware() map[string]interface{}
	GetMiddlewareKey(key string) interface{}

	// SetCacheAdapter cache
	GetCacheAdapter() storage.AdapterCache
	GetCachePrefix(string) storage.AdapterCache

	GetMemoryQueue(string) storage.AdapterQueue
	GetQueueAdapter() storage.AdapterQueue
	GetQueuePrefix(string) storage.AdapterQueue

	GetLockerAdapter() storage.AdapterLocker
	GetLockerPrefix(string) storage.AdapterLocker

	SetHandler(key string, routerGroup func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc))
	GetHandler() map[string][]func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc)
	GetHandlerPrefix(key string) []func(r *gin.RouterGroup, hand ...*gin.HandlerFunc)

	GetStreamMessage(id, stream string, value map[string]interface{}) (storage.Messager, error)

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