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Package bls implements BLS aggregate signatures.

This package implements the scheme described in "Aggregate and Verifiably Encrypted Signatures from Bilinear Maps" by Boneh, Gentry, Lynn, and Shacham (Eurocrypt 2003): https://www.iacr.org/archive/eurocrypt2003/26560416/26560416.pdf.



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func ByteToPoint

func ByteToPoint(b []byte) (kyber.Point, error)

func ByteToScalar

func ByteToScalar(b []byte) (kyber.Scalar, error)

func BytesToAddress

func BytesToAddress(data []byte, shard uint32) string

BytesToAddress converts the bytes of the PublicKey into a wallet address

func CreateSchnorrKeys

func CreateSchnorrKeys() (kyber.Scalar, kyber.Point)

return x, p

func CreateSignature

func CreateSignature(Rs []kyber.Point, Ss []kyber.Scalar) ([]byte, []byte, error)

func EncryptWallet

func EncryptWallet(password []byte, wal *Wallet) ([]byte, error)

EncryptWallet returns a wallet encrypted with the key passed as argument

func GenerateParameter

func GenerateParameter() (kyber.Scalar, []byte, error)

generate k and calculate r

func GenerateVanityWallet

func GenerateVanityWallet(vanity string, userWallet string, shard uint8, vainityFound *bool, wg *sync.WaitGroup) error

GenerateVanityWallet create a wallet that start with "Dexm" + your_word

func GetShardFromAddress

func GetShardFromAddress(w string) (uint32, error)

func Hash

func Hash(s string) kyber.Scalar

func IsWalletValid

func IsWalletValid(wallet string) bool

IsWalletValid checks if a wallet is valid by checking the checksum

func JSWallet

func JSWallet(shard uint8) *js.Object

JSWallet returns a gopherjs wrapper to the wallet

func MakeSign

func MakeSign(x kyber.Scalar, k kyber.Scalar, message string, otherR []kyber.Point, otherP []kyber.Point) []byte

func PublicKey

func PublicKey(m string, rSignature kyber.Point, sSignature kyber.Scalar) kyber.Point

func Sign

func Sign(m string, x kyber.Scalar, otherR []kyber.Point, otherP []kyber.Point, k kyber.Scalar) kyber.Scalar

m: Message x: Private key

func SignatureValid

func SignatureValid(x509pub, r, s, data []byte) (bool, error)

SignatureValid checks if a signature is valid for a x509 encoded ecdsa pubkey

func Verify

func Verify(m string, rSignature kyber.Point, sSignature kyber.Scalar, P kyber.Point, R kyber.Point) bool

func VerifySignature

func VerifySignature(message string, rSignature kyber.Point, sSignature kyber.Scalar, allP []kyber.Point, allR []kyber.Point) bool


type Wallet

type Wallet struct {
	PrivKey        *ecdsa.PrivateKey
	Shard          uint8
	Balance        int
	PrivKeySchnorr []byte
	PubKeySchnorr  []byte

Wallet is an internal representation of a private key

func GenerateWallet

func GenerateWallet(shard uint8) (*Wallet, error)

GenerateWallet generates a new random wallet with a 0 balance

func ImportWallet

func ImportWallet(filePath string) (*Wallet, error)

ImportWallet opens the file passed to it and tries to parse it as a private key and convert it into a Wallet struct

func (*Wallet) ExportWallet

func (w *Wallet) ExportWallet(filePath string) error

ExportWallet saves the internal Wallet structure to a file

func (*Wallet) GetEncodedWallet

func (w *Wallet) GetEncodedWallet() ([]byte, error)

GetEncodedWallet returns a JSON encoded wallet

func (*Wallet) GetPrivateKeySchnorr

func (w *Wallet) GetPrivateKeySchnorr() (kyber.Scalar, error)

GetPrivateKeySchnorr return the private schnorr key to the wallet

func (*Wallet) GetPubKey

func (w *Wallet) GetPubKey() ([]byte, error)

GetPubKey returns a x509 encoded public key for the wallet

func (*Wallet) GetPublicKeySchnorr

func (w *Wallet) GetPublicKeySchnorr() (kyber.Point, error)

GetPrivateKeySchnorr return the private schnorr key to the wallet

func (*Wallet) GetPublicKeySchnorrByte

func (w *Wallet) GetPublicKeySchnorrByte() []byte

GetPrivateKeySchnorr return the private schnorr key to the wallet

func (*Wallet) GetShardWallet

func (w *Wallet) GetShardWallet() uint8

GetShardWallet return the shard to the wallet

func (*Wallet) GetWallet

func (w *Wallet) GetWallet() (string, error)

GetWallet returns the address of a wallet

func (*Wallet) NewTransaction

func (w *Wallet) NewTransaction(recipient string, amount uint64, gas uint32, data []byte, shard uint32) ([]byte, error)

NewTransaction generates a signed transaction for the given arguments without broadcasting it to the newtwork

func (*Wallet) RawTransaction

func (w *Wallet) RawTransaction(recipient string, amount uint64, gas uint32, data []byte, shard uint32) (*protobufs.Transaction, error)

RawTransaction returns a struct with a transaction. Used in GopherJS to avoid protobuf which uses the unsupported unsafe

func (*Wallet) Sign

func (w *Wallet) Sign(data []byte) (r, s *big.Int, e error)

Sign signs the bytes passed to it with ECDSA

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