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const (

	// DefaultKeyPass contains the default key password for genesis transactions
	DefaultKeyPass = "12345678"


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var (
	DefaultCLIHome  = os.ExpandEnv("$HOME/.gaiacli")
	DefaultNodeHome = os.ExpandEnv("$HOME/.gaiad")

default home directories for expected binaries


func CollectStdTxs

func CollectStdTxs(cdc *codec.Codec, moniker string, genTxsDir string, genDoc tmtypes.GenesisDoc) (
	appGenTxs []auth.StdTx, persistentPeers string, err error)

CollectStdTxs processes and validates application's genesis StdTxs and returns the list of appGenTxs, and persistent peers required to generate genesis.json.

func GaiaAppGenStateJSON

func GaiaAppGenStateJSON(cdc *codec.Codec, genDoc tmtypes.GenesisDoc, appGenTxs []json.RawMessage) (
	appState json.RawMessage, err error)

GaiaAppGenState but with JSON

func GaiaValidateGenesisState

func GaiaValidateGenesisState(genesisState GenesisState) error

GaiaValidateGenesisState ensures that the genesis state obeys the expected invariants TODO: No validators are both bonded and jailed (#2088) TODO: Error if there is a duplicate validator (#1708) TODO: Ensure all state machine parameters are in genesis (#1704)

func MakeCodec

func MakeCodec() *codec.Codec

custom tx codec


type GaiaApp

type GaiaApp struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields


Extended ABCI application

func NewGaiaApp

func NewGaiaApp(logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, traceStore io.Writer, loadLatest bool, baseAppOptions ...func(*bam.BaseApp)) *GaiaApp

NewGaiaApp returns a reference to an initialized GaiaApp.

func (*GaiaApp) BeginBlocker

func (app *GaiaApp) BeginBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestBeginBlock) abci.ResponseBeginBlock

application updates every end block

func (*GaiaApp) EndBlocker

func (app *GaiaApp) EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestEndBlock) abci.ResponseEndBlock

application updates every end block nolint: unparam

func (*GaiaApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators

func (app *GaiaApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators(forZeroHeight bool, jailWhiteList []string) (
	appState json.RawMessage, validators []tmtypes.GenesisValidator, err error)

export the state of gaia for a genesis file

func (*GaiaApp) LoadHeight

func (app *GaiaApp) LoadHeight(height int64) error

load a particular height

type GenesisAccount

type GenesisAccount struct {
	Address       sdk.AccAddress `json:"address"`
	Coins         sdk.Coins      `json:"coins"`
	Sequence      uint64         `json:"sequence_number"`
	AccountNumber uint64         `json:"account_number"`

	// vesting account fields
	OriginalVesting  sdk.Coins `json:"original_vesting"`  // total vesting coins upon initialization
	DelegatedFree    sdk.Coins `json:"delegated_free"`    // delegated vested coins at time of delegation
	DelegatedVesting sdk.Coins `json:"delegated_vesting"` // delegated vesting coins at time of delegation
	StartTime        int64     `json:"start_time"`        // vesting start time (UNIX Epoch time)
	EndTime          int64     `json:"end_time"`          // vesting end time (UNIX Epoch time)

GenesisAccount defines an account initialized at genesis.

func NewDefaultGenesisAccount

func NewDefaultGenesisAccount(addr sdk.AccAddress) GenesisAccount

func NewGenesisAccount

func NewGenesisAccount(acc *auth.BaseAccount) GenesisAccount

func NewGenesisAccountI

func NewGenesisAccountI(acc auth.Account) GenesisAccount

func (*GenesisAccount) ToAccount

func (ga *GenesisAccount) ToAccount() auth.Account

convert GenesisAccount to auth.BaseAccount

type GenesisState

type GenesisState struct {
	Accounts     []GenesisAccount      `json:"accounts"`
	AuthData     auth.GenesisState     `json:"auth"`
	BankData     bank.GenesisState     `json:"bank"`
	StakingData  staking.GenesisState  `json:"staking"`
	MintData     mint.GenesisState     `json:"mint"`
	DistrData    distr.GenesisState    `json:"distr"`
	GovData      gov.GenesisState      `json:"gov"`
	SlashingData slashing.GenesisState `json:"slashing"`
	GenTxs       []json.RawMessage     `json:"gentxs"`

State to Unmarshal

func GaiaAppGenState

func GaiaAppGenState(cdc *codec.Codec, genDoc tmtypes.GenesisDoc, appGenTxs []json.RawMessage) (
	genesisState GenesisState, err error)

Create the core parameters for genesis initialization for gaia note that the pubkey input is this machines pubkey

func NewDefaultGenesisState

func NewDefaultGenesisState() GenesisState

NewDefaultGenesisState generates the default state for gaia.

func NewGenesisState

func NewGenesisState(accounts []GenesisAccount, authData auth.GenesisState,
	bankData bank.GenesisState,
	stakingData staking.GenesisState, mintData mint.GenesisState,
	distrData distr.GenesisState, govData gov.GenesisState,
	slashingData slashing.GenesisState) GenesisState

func (GenesisState) Sanitize

func (gs GenesisState) Sanitize()

Sanitize sorts accounts and coin sets.

type StakingHooks

type StakingHooks struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields


StakingHooks contains combined distribution and slashing hooks needed for the staking module.

func NewStakingHooks

func NewStakingHooks(dh distr.Hooks, sh slashing.Hooks) StakingHooks

func (StakingHooks) AfterDelegationModified

func (h StakingHooks) AfterDelegationModified(ctx sdk.Context, delAddr sdk.AccAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) AfterValidatorBeginUnbonding

func (h StakingHooks) AfterValidatorBeginUnbonding(ctx sdk.Context, consAddr sdk.ConsAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) AfterValidatorBonded

func (h StakingHooks) AfterValidatorBonded(ctx sdk.Context, consAddr sdk.ConsAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) AfterValidatorCreated

func (h StakingHooks) AfterValidatorCreated(ctx sdk.Context, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)


func (StakingHooks) AfterValidatorRemoved

func (h StakingHooks) AfterValidatorRemoved(ctx sdk.Context, consAddr sdk.ConsAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationCreated

func (h StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationCreated(ctx sdk.Context, delAddr sdk.AccAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationRemoved

func (h StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationRemoved(ctx sdk.Context, delAddr sdk.AccAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationSharesModified

func (h StakingHooks) BeforeDelegationSharesModified(ctx sdk.Context, delAddr sdk.AccAddress, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) BeforeValidatorModified

func (h StakingHooks) BeforeValidatorModified(ctx sdk.Context, valAddr sdk.ValAddress)

func (StakingHooks) BeforeValidatorSlashed

func (h StakingHooks) BeforeValidatorSlashed(ctx sdk.Context, valAddr sdk.ValAddress, fraction sdk.Dec)


Path Synopsis
x/bank Package bank contains a forked version of the bank module.