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Published: Apr 22, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 59 Imported by: 6,137




Legacy types are defined below to aid in the migration of CometBFT consensus parameters from use of the now deprecated x/params modules to a new dedicated x/consensus module.

Application developers should ensure that they implement their upgrade handler correctly such that app.ConsensusParamsKeeper.Set() is called with the values returned by GetConsensusParams().


baseAppLegacySS := app.ParamsKeeper.Subspace(baseapp.Paramspace).WithKeyTable(paramstypes.ConsensusParamsKeyTable())

	func(ctx sdk.Context, plan upgradetypes.Plan, fromVM module.VersionMap) (module.VersionMap, error) {
		if cp := baseapp.GetConsensusParams(ctx, baseAppLegacySS); cp != nil {
			app.ConsensusParamsKeeper.Set(ctx, cp)
		} else {
			ctx.Logger().Info("warning: consensus parameters are undefined; skipping migration", "upgrade", UpgradeName)

		return app.ModuleManager.RunMigrations(ctx, app.Configurator(), fromVM)

Developers can also bypass the use of the legacy Params subspace and set the values to app.ConsensusParamsKeeper.Set() explicitly.

Note, for new chains this is not necessary as CometBFT's consensus parameters will automatically be set for you in InitChain.



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const (
	QueryPathApp    = "app"
	QueryPathCustom = "custom"
	QueryPathP2P    = "p2p"
	QueryPathStore  = "store"

	QueryPathBroadcastTx = "/cosmos.tx.v1beta1.Service/BroadcastTx"

Supported ABCI Query prefixes and paths

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const (
	StreamingTomlKey                  = "streaming"
	StreamingABCITomlKey              = "abci"
	StreamingABCIPluginTomlKey        = "plugin"
	StreamingABCIKeysTomlKey          = "keys"
	StreamingABCIStopNodeOnErrTomlKey = "stop-node-on-err"
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const Paramspace = "baseapp"


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var (
	ParamStoreKeyBlockParams     = []byte("BlockParams")
	ParamStoreKeyEvidenceParams  = []byte("EvidenceParams")
	ParamStoreKeyValidatorParams = []byte("ValidatorParams")


func DefaultStoreLoader

func DefaultStoreLoader(ms storetypes.CommitMultiStore) error

DefaultStoreLoader will be used by default and loads the latest version

func DisableBlockGasMeter added in v0.50.5

func DisableBlockGasMeter() func(*BaseApp)

DisableBlockGasMeter disables the block gas meter.

func GetConsensusParams added in v0.47.0

func GetConsensusParams(ctx sdk.Context, paramStore LegacyParamStore) *cmtproto.ConsensusParams

func MigrateParams added in v0.47.0

func MigrateParams(ctx sdk.Context, lps LegacyParamStore, ps ParamStore) error

func NewBlockInfo added in v0.50.5

func NewBlockInfo(
	misbehavior []abci.Misbehavior,
	validatorsHash []byte,
	proposerAddress []byte,
	lastCommit abci.CommitInfo,
) comet.BlockInfo

NewBlockInfo returns a new BlockInfo instance This function should be only used in tests

func NoOpExtendVote added in v0.50.0

func NoOpExtendVote() sdk.ExtendVoteHandler

NoOpExtendVote defines a no-op ExtendVote handler. It will always return an empty byte slice as the vote extension.

func NoOpPrepareProposal added in v0.47.0

func NoOpPrepareProposal() sdk.PrepareProposalHandler

NoOpPrepareProposal defines a no-op PrepareProposal handler. It will always return the transactions sent by the client's request.

func NoOpProcessProposal added in v0.47.0

func NoOpProcessProposal() sdk.ProcessProposalHandler

NoOpProcessProposal defines a no-op ProcessProposal Handler. It will always return ACCEPT.

func NoOpVerifyVoteExtensionHandler added in v0.50.0

func NoOpVerifyVoteExtensionHandler() sdk.VerifyVoteExtensionHandler

NoOpVerifyVoteExtensionHandler defines a no-op VerifyVoteExtension handler. It will always return an ACCEPT status with no error.

func SetChainID added in v0.47.0

func SetChainID(chainID string) func(*BaseApp)

SetChainID sets the chain ID in BaseApp.

func SetHaltHeight

func SetHaltHeight(blockHeight uint64) func(*BaseApp)

SetHaltHeight returns a BaseApp option function that sets the halt block height.

func SetHaltTime

func SetHaltTime(haltTime uint64) func(*BaseApp)

SetHaltTime returns a BaseApp option function that sets the halt block time.

func SetIAVLCacheSize added in v0.45.0

func SetIAVLCacheSize(size int) func(*BaseApp)

SetIAVLCacheSize provides a BaseApp option function that sets the size of IAVL cache.

func SetIAVLDisableFastNode added in v0.45.9

func SetIAVLDisableFastNode(disable bool) func(*BaseApp)

SetIAVLDisableFastNode enables(false)/disables(true) fast node usage from the IAVL store.

func SetIndexEvents added in v0.40.0

func SetIndexEvents(ie []string) func(*BaseApp)

SetIndexEvents provides a BaseApp option function that sets the events to index.

func SetInterBlockCache

func SetInterBlockCache(cache storetypes.MultiStorePersistentCache) func(*BaseApp)

SetInterBlockCache provides a BaseApp option function that sets the inter-block cache.

func SetMempool added in v0.47.0

func SetMempool(mempool mempool.Mempool) func(*BaseApp)

SetMempool sets the mempool on BaseApp.

func SetMinGasPrices

func SetMinGasPrices(gasPricesStr string) func(*BaseApp)

SetMinGasPrices returns an option that sets the minimum gas prices on the app.

func SetMinRetainBlocks added in v0.40.0

func SetMinRetainBlocks(minRetainBlocks uint64) func(*BaseApp)

SetMinRetainBlocks returns a BaseApp option function that sets the minimum block retention height value when determining which heights to prune during ABCI Commit.

func SetOptimisticExecution added in v0.50.0

func SetOptimisticExecution(opts ...func(*oe.OptimisticExecution)) func(*BaseApp)

SetOptimisticExecution enables optimistic execution.

func SetPruning

func SetPruning(opts pruningtypes.PruningOptions) func(*BaseApp)

SetPruning sets a pruning option on the multistore associated with the app

func SetQueryGasLimit added in v0.50.0

func SetQueryGasLimit(queryGasLimit uint64) func(*BaseApp)

SetQueryGasLimit returns an option that sets a gas limit for queries.

func SetSnapshot added in v0.46.0

func SetSnapshot(snapshotStore *snapshots.Store, opts snapshottypes.SnapshotOptions) func(*BaseApp)

SetSnapshot sets the snapshot store.

func SetStoreLoader added in v0.50.4

func SetStoreLoader(loader StoreLoader) func(*BaseApp)

SetStoreLoader allows customization of the rootMultiStore initialization.

func SetTrace added in v0.39.0

func SetTrace(trace bool) func(*BaseApp)

SetTrace will turn on or off trace flag

func SplitABCIQueryPath added in v0.46.0

func SplitABCIQueryPath(requestPath string) (path []string)

SplitABCIQueryPath splits a string path using the delimiter '/'.

e.g. "this/is/funny" becomes []string{"this", "is", "funny"}

func ValidateBlockParams

func ValidateBlockParams(i interface{}) error

func ValidateEvidenceParams

func ValidateEvidenceParams(i interface{}) error

func ValidateValidatorParams

func ValidateValidatorParams(i interface{}) error

func ValidateVoteExtensions added in v0.50.0

func ValidateVoteExtensions(
	ctx sdk.Context,
	valStore ValidatorStore,
	_ int64,
	_ string,
	extCommit abci.ExtendedCommitInfo,
) error

ValidateVoteExtensions defines a helper function for verifying vote extension signatures that may be passed or manually injected into a block proposal from a proposer in PrepareProposal. It returns an error if any signature is invalid or if unexpected vote extensions and/or signatures are found or less than 2/3 power is received. NOTE: From v0.50.5 `currentHeight` and `chainID` arguments are ignored for fixing an issue. They will be removed from the function in v0.51+.


type BaseApp

type BaseApp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BaseApp reflects the ABCI application implementation.

func NewBaseApp

func NewBaseApp(
	name string, logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, txDecoder sdk.TxDecoder, options ...func(*BaseApp),
) *BaseApp

NewBaseApp returns a reference to an initialized BaseApp. It accepts a variadic number of option functions, which act on the BaseApp to set configuration choices.

func (*BaseApp) AddRunTxRecoveryHandler added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) AddRunTxRecoveryHandler(handlers ...RecoveryHandler)

AddRunTxRecoveryHandler adds custom app.runTx method panic handlers.

func (*BaseApp) AnteHandler added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) AnteHandler() sdk.AnteHandler

AnteHandler returns the AnteHandler of the app.

func (*BaseApp) AppVersion

func (app *BaseApp) AppVersion() uint64

AppVersion returns the application's protocol version.

func (*BaseApp) ApplySnapshotChunk added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) ApplySnapshotChunk(req *abci.RequestApplySnapshotChunk) (*abci.ResponseApplySnapshotChunk, error)

ApplySnapshotChunk implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to app.snapshotManager if set.

func (*BaseApp) ChainID added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) ChainID() string

ChainID returns the chainID of the app.

func (*BaseApp) CheckTx

func (app *BaseApp) CheckTx(req *abci.RequestCheckTx) (*abci.ResponseCheckTx, error)

CheckTx implements the ABCI interface and executes a tx in CheckTx mode. In CheckTx mode, messages are not executed. This means messages are only validated and only the AnteHandler is executed. State is persisted to the BaseApp's internal CheckTx state if the AnteHandler passes. Otherwise, the ResponseCheckTx will contain relevant error information. Regardless of tx execution outcome, the ResponseCheckTx will contain relevant gas execution context.

func (*BaseApp) Close added in v0.46.13

func (app *BaseApp) Close() error

Close is called in start cmd to gracefully cleanup resources.

func (*BaseApp) Commit

func (app *BaseApp) Commit() (*abci.ResponseCommit, error)

Commit implements the ABCI interface. It will commit all state that exists in the deliver state's multi-store and includes the resulting commit ID in the returned abci.ResponseCommit. Commit will set the check state based on the latest header and reset the deliver state. Also, if a non-zero halt height is defined in config, Commit will execute a deferred function call to check against that height and gracefully halt if it matches the latest committed height.

func (*BaseApp) CommitMultiStore added in v0.45.2

func (app *BaseApp) CommitMultiStore() storetypes.CommitMultiStore

CommitMultiStore returns the root multi-store. App constructor can use this to access the `cms`. UNSAFE: must not be used during the abci life cycle.

func (*BaseApp) CreateQueryContext added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) CreateQueryContext(height int64, prove bool) (sdk.Context, error)

createQueryContext creates a new sdk.Context for a query, taking as args the block height and whether the query needs a proof or not.

func (BaseApp) ExecuteGenesisTx added in v0.50.0

func (ba BaseApp) ExecuteGenesisTx(tx []byte) error

ExecuteGenesisTx implements genesis.GenesisState from to set initial state in genesis

func (*BaseApp) ExtendVote added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) ExtendVote(_ context.Context, req *abci.RequestExtendVote) (resp *abci.ResponseExtendVote, err error)

ExtendVote implements the ExtendVote ABCI method and returns a ResponseExtendVote. It calls the application's ExtendVote handler which is responsible for performing application-specific business logic when sending a pre-commit for the NEXT block height. The extensions response may be non-deterministic but must always be returned, even if empty.

Agreed upon vote extensions are made available to the proposer of the next height and are committed in the subsequent height, i.e. H+2. An error is returned if vote extensions are not enabled or if extendVote fails or panics.

func (*BaseApp) FilterPeerByAddrPort

func (app *BaseApp) FilterPeerByAddrPort(info string) *abci.ResponseQuery

FilterPeerByAddrPort filters peers by address/port.

func (*BaseApp) FilterPeerByID

func (app *BaseApp) FilterPeerByID(info string) *abci.ResponseQuery

FilterPeerByID filters peers by node ID.

func (*BaseApp) FinalizeBlock added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) FinalizeBlock(req *abci.RequestFinalizeBlock) (res *abci.ResponseFinalizeBlock, err error)

FinalizeBlock will execute the block proposal provided by RequestFinalizeBlock. Specifically, it will execute an application's BeginBlock (if defined), followed by the transactions in the proposal, finally followed by the application's EndBlock (if defined).

For each raw transaction, i.e. a byte slice, BaseApp will only execute it if it adheres to the sdk.Tx interface. Otherwise, the raw transaction will be skipped. This is to support compatibility with proposers injecting vote extensions into the proposal, which should not themselves be executed in cases where they adhere to the sdk.Tx interface.

func (*BaseApp) GRPCQueryRouter added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) GRPCQueryRouter() *GRPCQueryRouter

GRPCQueryRouter returns the GRPCQueryRouter of a BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) GetBlockRetentionHeight added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) GetBlockRetentionHeight(commitHeight int64) int64

GetBlockRetentionHeight returns the height for which all blocks below this height are pruned from CometBFT. Given a commitment height and a non-zero local minRetainBlocks configuration, the retentionHeight is the smallest height that satisfies:

- Unbonding (safety threshold) time: The block interval in which validators can be economically punished for misbehavior. Blocks in this interval must be auditable e.g. by the light client.

- Logical store snapshot interval: The block interval at which the underlying logical store database is persisted to disk, e.g. every 10000 heights. Blocks since the last IAVL snapshot must be available for replay on application restart.

- State sync snapshots: Blocks since the oldest available snapshot must be available for state sync nodes to catch up (oldest because a node may be restoring an old snapshot while a new snapshot was taken).

- Local (minRetainBlocks) config: Archive nodes may want to retain more or all blocks, e.g. via a local config option min-retain-blocks. There may also be a need to vary retention for other nodes, e.g. sentry nodes which do not need historical blocks.

func (*BaseApp) GetConsensusParams

func (app *BaseApp) GetConsensusParams(ctx sdk.Context) cmtproto.ConsensusParams

GetConsensusParams returns the current consensus parameters from the BaseApp's ParamStore. If the BaseApp has no ParamStore defined, nil is returned.

func (*BaseApp) GetContextForCheckTx added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) GetContextForCheckTx(txBytes []byte) sdk.Context

func (*BaseApp) GetContextForFinalizeBlock added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) GetContextForFinalizeBlock(txBytes []byte) sdk.Context

func (*BaseApp) GetMaximumBlockGas added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) GetMaximumBlockGas(ctx sdk.Context) uint64

GetMaximumBlockGas gets the maximum gas from the consensus params. It panics if maximum block gas is less than negative one and returns zero if negative one.

func (*BaseApp) Info

func (app *BaseApp) Info(_ *abci.RequestInfo) (*abci.ResponseInfo, error)

func (*BaseApp) Init added in v0.46.0

func (app *BaseApp) Init() error

Init initializes the app. It seals the app, preventing any further modifications. In addition, it validates the app against the earlier provided settings. Returns an error if validation fails. nil otherwise. Panics if the app is already sealed.

func (*BaseApp) InitChain

func (app *BaseApp) InitChain(req *abci.RequestInitChain) (*abci.ResponseInitChain, error)

func (*BaseApp) IsSealed

func (app *BaseApp) IsSealed() bool

IsSealed returns true if the BaseApp is sealed and false otherwise.

func (*BaseApp) LastBlockHeight

func (app *BaseApp) LastBlockHeight() int64

LastBlockHeight returns the last committed block height.

func (*BaseApp) LastCommitID

func (app *BaseApp) LastCommitID() storetypes.CommitID

LastCommitID returns the last CommitID of the multistore.

func (*BaseApp) ListSnapshots added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) ListSnapshots(req *abci.RequestListSnapshots) (*abci.ResponseListSnapshots, error)

ListSnapshots implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to app.snapshotManager if set.

func (*BaseApp) LoadLatestVersion

func (app *BaseApp) LoadLatestVersion() error

LoadLatestVersion loads the latest application version. It will panic if called more than once on a running BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) LoadSnapshotChunk added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) LoadSnapshotChunk(req *abci.RequestLoadSnapshotChunk) (*abci.ResponseLoadSnapshotChunk, error)

LoadSnapshotChunk implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to app.snapshotManager if set.

func (*BaseApp) LoadVersion

func (app *BaseApp) LoadVersion(version int64) error

LoadVersion loads the BaseApp application version. It will panic if called more than once on a running baseapp.

func (*BaseApp) Logger

func (app *BaseApp) Logger() log.Logger

Logger returns the logger of the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) Mempool added in v0.47.6

func (app *BaseApp) Mempool() mempool.Mempool

Mempool returns the Mempool of the app.

func (*BaseApp) MountKVStores

func (app *BaseApp) MountKVStores(keys map[string]*storetypes.KVStoreKey)

MountKVStores mounts all IAVL or DB stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

func (*BaseApp) MountMemoryStores

func (app *BaseApp) MountMemoryStores(keys map[string]*storetypes.MemoryStoreKey)

MountMemoryStores mounts all in-memory KVStores with the BaseApp's internal commit multi-store.

func (*BaseApp) MountStore

func (app *BaseApp) MountStore(key storetypes.StoreKey, typ storetypes.StoreType)

MountStore mounts a store to the provided key in the BaseApp multistore, using the default DB.

func (*BaseApp) MountStores

func (app *BaseApp) MountStores(keys ...storetypes.StoreKey)

MountStores mounts all IAVL or DB stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

func (*BaseApp) MountTransientStores

func (app *BaseApp) MountTransientStores(keys map[string]*storetypes.TransientStoreKey)

MountTransientStores mounts all transient stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

func (*BaseApp) MsgServiceRouter added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) MsgServiceRouter() *MsgServiceRouter

MsgServiceRouter returns the MsgServiceRouter of a BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) Name

func (app *BaseApp) Name() string

Name returns the name of the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) NewContext

func (app *BaseApp) NewContext(isCheckTx bool) sdk.Context

NewContext returns a new sdk.Context with a empty header

func (*BaseApp) NewContextLegacy added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) NewContextLegacy(isCheckTx bool, header cmtproto.Header) sdk.Context

NewContextLegacy returns a new sdk.Context with the provided header

func (*BaseApp) NewUncachedContext

func (app *BaseApp) NewUncachedContext(isCheckTx bool, header cmtproto.Header) sdk.Context

func (*BaseApp) OfferSnapshot added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) OfferSnapshot(req *abci.RequestOfferSnapshot) (*abci.ResponseOfferSnapshot, error)

OfferSnapshot implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to app.snapshotManager if set.

func (*BaseApp) PreBlocker added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) PreBlocker() sdk.PreBlocker

func (*BaseApp) PrepareProposal added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) PrepareProposal(req *abci.RequestPrepareProposal) (resp *abci.ResponsePrepareProposal, err error)

PrepareProposal implements the PrepareProposal ABCI method and returns a ResponsePrepareProposal object to the client. The PrepareProposal method is responsible for allowing the block proposer to perform application-dependent work in a block before proposing it.

Transactions can be modified, removed, or added by the application. Since the application maintains its own local mempool, it will ignore the transactions provided to it in RequestPrepareProposal. Instead, it will determine which transactions to return based on the mempool's semantics and the MaxTxBytes provided by the client's request.

Ref: Ref:

func (*BaseApp) PrepareProposalVerifyTx added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) PrepareProposalVerifyTx(tx sdk.Tx) ([]byte, error)

PrepareProposalVerifyTx performs transaction verification when a proposer is creating a block proposal during PrepareProposal. Any state committed to the PrepareProposal state internally will be discarded. <nil, err> will be returned if the transaction cannot be encoded. <bz, nil> will be returned if the transaction is valid, otherwise <bz, err> will be returned.

func (*BaseApp) ProcessProposal added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) ProcessProposal(req *abci.RequestProcessProposal) (resp *abci.ResponseProcessProposal, err error)

ProcessProposal implements the ProcessProposal ABCI method and returns a ResponseProcessProposal object to the client. The ProcessProposal method is responsible for allowing execution of application-dependent work in a proposed block. Note, the application defines the exact implementation details of ProcessProposal. In general, the application must at the very least ensure that all transactions are valid. If all transactions are valid, then we inform CometBFT that the Status is ACCEPT. However, the application is also able to implement optimizations such as executing the entire proposed block immediately.

If a panic is detected during execution of an application's ProcessProposal handler, it will be recovered and we will reject the proposal.

Ref: Ref:

func (*BaseApp) ProcessProposalVerifyTx added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) ProcessProposalVerifyTx(txBz []byte) (sdk.Tx, error)

ProcessProposalVerifyTx performs transaction verification when receiving a block proposal during ProcessProposal. Any state committed to the ProcessProposal state internally will be discarded. <nil, err> will be returned if the transaction cannot be decoded. <Tx, nil> will be returned if the transaction is valid, otherwise <Tx, err> will be returned.

func (*BaseApp) Query

func (app *BaseApp) Query(_ context.Context, req *abci.RequestQuery) (resp *abci.ResponseQuery, err error)

Query implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to CommitMultiStore if it implements Queryable.

func (*BaseApp) RegisterGRPCServer added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) RegisterGRPCServer(server gogogrpc.Server)

RegisterGRPCServer registers gRPC services directly with the gRPC server.

func (*BaseApp) RegisterStreamingServices added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) RegisterStreamingServices(appOpts servertypes.AppOptions, keys map[string]*storetypes.KVStoreKey) error

RegisterStreamingServices registers streaming services with the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) Seal

func (app *BaseApp) Seal()

Seal seals a BaseApp. It prohibits any further modifications to a BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetAddrPeerFilter

func (app *BaseApp) SetAddrPeerFilter(pf sdk.PeerFilter)

func (*BaseApp) SetAnteHandler

func (app *BaseApp) SetAnteHandler(ah sdk.AnteHandler)

func (*BaseApp) SetBeginBlocker

func (app *BaseApp) SetBeginBlocker(beginBlocker sdk.BeginBlocker)

func (*BaseApp) SetCMS

func (app *BaseApp) SetCMS(cms storetypes.CommitMultiStore)

func (*BaseApp) SetCircuitBreaker added in v0.46.13

func (app *BaseApp) SetCircuitBreaker(cb CircuitBreaker)

SetCircuitBreaker sets the circuit breaker for the BaseApp. The circuit breaker is checked on every message execution to verify if a transaction should be executed or not.

func (*BaseApp) SetCommitMultiStoreTracer

func (app *BaseApp) SetCommitMultiStoreTracer(w io.Writer)

SetCommitMultiStoreTracer sets the store tracer on the BaseApp's underlying CommitMultiStore.

func (*BaseApp) SetDB

func (app *BaseApp) SetDB(db dbm.DB)

func (*BaseApp) SetDisableBlockGasMeter added in v0.50.5

func (app *BaseApp) SetDisableBlockGasMeter(disableBlockGasMeter bool)

SetDisableBlockGasMeter sets the disableBlockGasMeter flag for the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetEndBlocker

func (app *BaseApp) SetEndBlocker(endBlocker sdk.EndBlocker)

func (*BaseApp) SetExtendVoteHandler added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetExtendVoteHandler(handler sdk.ExtendVoteHandler)

func (*BaseApp) SetFauxMerkleMode

func (app *BaseApp) SetFauxMerkleMode()

func (*BaseApp) SetIDPeerFilter

func (app *BaseApp) SetIDPeerFilter(pf sdk.PeerFilter)

func (*BaseApp) SetInitChainer

func (app *BaseApp) SetInitChainer(initChainer sdk.InitChainer)

func (*BaseApp) SetInterfaceRegistry added in v0.40.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetInterfaceRegistry(registry types.InterfaceRegistry)

SetInterfaceRegistry sets the InterfaceRegistry.

func (*BaseApp) SetMempool added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetMempool(mempool mempool.Mempool)

SetMempool sets the mempool for the BaseApp and is required for the app to start up.

func (*BaseApp) SetMsgServiceRouter added in v0.46.3

func (app *BaseApp) SetMsgServiceRouter(msgServiceRouter *MsgServiceRouter)

SetMsgServiceRouter sets the MsgServiceRouter of a BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetName

func (app *BaseApp) SetName(name string)

func (*BaseApp) SetParamStore

func (app *BaseApp) SetParamStore(ps ParamStore)

SetParamStore sets a parameter store on the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetPostHandler added in v0.46.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetPostHandler(ph sdk.PostHandler)

func (*BaseApp) SetPreBlocker added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetPreBlocker(preBlocker sdk.PreBlocker)

func (*BaseApp) SetPrecommiter added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetPrecommiter(precommiter sdk.Precommiter)

func (*BaseApp) SetPrepareCheckStater added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetPrepareCheckStater(prepareCheckStater sdk.PrepareCheckStater)

func (*BaseApp) SetPrepareProposal added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetPrepareProposal(handler sdk.PrepareProposalHandler)

SetPrepareProposal sets the prepare proposal function for the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetProcessProposal added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetProcessProposal(handler sdk.ProcessProposalHandler)

SetProcessProposal sets the process proposal function for the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetProtocolVersion added in v0.43.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetProtocolVersion(v uint64)

SetProtocolVersion sets the application's protocol version

func (*BaseApp) SetQueryMultiStore added in v0.46.7

func (app *BaseApp) SetQueryMultiStore(ms storetypes.MultiStore)

SetQueryMultiStore set a alternative MultiStore implementation to support grpc query service.


func (*BaseApp) SetSnapshot added in v0.46.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetSnapshot(snapshotStore *snapshots.Store, opts snapshottypes.SnapshotOptions)

SetSnapshot sets the snapshot store and options.

func (*BaseApp) SetStoreLoader

func (app *BaseApp) SetStoreLoader(loader StoreLoader)

SetStoreLoader allows us to customize the rootMultiStore initialization.

func (*BaseApp) SetStoreMetrics added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetStoreMetrics(gatherer metrics.StoreMetrics)

SetStoreMetrics sets the prepare proposal function for the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetStreamingManager added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetStreamingManager(manager storetypes.StreamingManager)

SetStreamingManager sets the streaming manager for the BaseApp.

func (*BaseApp) SetTxDecoder added in v0.2.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetTxDecoder(txDecoder sdk.TxDecoder)

SetTxDecoder sets the TxDecoder if it wasn't provided in the BaseApp constructor.

func (*BaseApp) SetTxEncoder added in v0.47.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetTxEncoder(txEncoder sdk.TxEncoder)

SetTxEncoder sets the TxEncoder if it wasn't provided in the BaseApp constructor.

func (*BaseApp) SetVerifyVoteExtensionHandler added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetVerifyVoteExtensionHandler(handler sdk.VerifyVoteExtensionHandler)

func (*BaseApp) SetVersion added in v0.43.0

func (app *BaseApp) SetVersion(v string)

SetVersion sets the application's version string.

func (*BaseApp) SimCheck added in v0.46.0

func (app *BaseApp) SimCheck(txEncoder sdk.TxEncoder, tx sdk.Tx) (sdk.GasInfo, *sdk.Result, error)

SimCheck defines a CheckTx helper function that used in tests and simulations.

func (*BaseApp) SimDeliver added in v0.46.0

func (app *BaseApp) SimDeliver(txEncoder sdk.TxEncoder, tx sdk.Tx) (sdk.GasInfo, *sdk.Result, error)

func (*BaseApp) SimTxFinalizeBlock added in v0.50.1

func (app *BaseApp) SimTxFinalizeBlock(txEncoder sdk.TxEncoder, tx sdk.Tx) (sdk.GasInfo, *sdk.Result, error)

func (*BaseApp) Simulate

func (app *BaseApp) Simulate(txBytes []byte) (sdk.GasInfo, *sdk.Result, error)

Simulate executes a tx in simulate mode to get result and gas info.

func (*BaseApp) SnapshotManager added in v0.45.2

func (app *BaseApp) SnapshotManager() *snapshots.Manager

SnapshotManager returns the snapshot manager. application use this to register extra extension snapshotters.

func (*BaseApp) StoreConsensusParams

func (app *BaseApp) StoreConsensusParams(ctx sdk.Context, cp cmtproto.ConsensusParams) error

StoreConsensusParams sets the consensus parameters to the BaseApp's param store.

NOTE: We're explicitly not storing the CometBFT app_version in the param store. It's stored instead in the x/upgrade store, with its own bump logic.

func (*BaseApp) Trace added in v0.42.7

func (app *BaseApp) Trace() bool

Trace returns the boolean value for logging error stack traces.

func (*BaseApp) TxDecode added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) TxDecode(txBytes []byte) (sdk.Tx, error)

func (*BaseApp) TxEncode added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) TxEncode(tx sdk.Tx) ([]byte, error)

func (*BaseApp) VerifyVoteExtension added in v0.50.0

func (app *BaseApp) VerifyVoteExtension(req *abci.RequestVerifyVoteExtension) (resp *abci.ResponseVerifyVoteExtension, err error)

VerifyVoteExtension implements the VerifyVoteExtension ABCI method and returns a ResponseVerifyVoteExtension. It calls the applications' VerifyVoteExtension handler which is responsible for performing application-specific business logic in verifying a vote extension from another validator during the pre-commit phase. The response MUST be deterministic. An error is returned if vote extensions are not enabled or if verifyVoteExt fails or panics.

func (*BaseApp) Version added in v0.43.0

func (app *BaseApp) Version() string

Version returns the application's version string.

type CircuitBreaker added in v0.46.13

type CircuitBreaker interface {
	IsAllowed(ctx context.Context, typeURL string) (bool, error)

CircuitBreaker is an interface that defines the methods for a circuit breaker.

type DefaultProposalHandler added in v0.47.0

type DefaultProposalHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultProposalHandler defines the default ABCI PrepareProposal and ProcessProposal handlers.

func NewDefaultProposalHandler added in v0.47.0

func NewDefaultProposalHandler(mp mempool.Mempool, txVerifier ProposalTxVerifier) *DefaultProposalHandler

func (*DefaultProposalHandler) PrepareProposalHandler added in v0.47.0

func (h *DefaultProposalHandler) PrepareProposalHandler() sdk.PrepareProposalHandler

PrepareProposalHandler returns the default implementation for processing an ABCI proposal. The application's mempool is enumerated and all valid transactions are added to the proposal. Transactions are valid if they:

1) Successfully encode to bytes. 2) Are valid (i.e. pass runTx, AnteHandler only).

Enumeration is halted once RequestPrepareProposal.MaxBytes of transactions is reached or the mempool is exhausted.


- Step (2) is identical to the validation step performed in DefaultProcessProposal. It is very important that the same validation logic is used in both steps, and applications must ensure that this is the case in non-default handlers.

- If no mempool is set or if the mempool is a no-op mempool, the transactions requested from CometBFT will simply be returned, which, by default, are in FIFO order.

func (*DefaultProposalHandler) ProcessProposalHandler added in v0.47.0

func (h *DefaultProposalHandler) ProcessProposalHandler() sdk.ProcessProposalHandler

ProcessProposalHandler returns the default implementation for processing an ABCI proposal. Every transaction in the proposal must pass 2 conditions:

1. The transaction bytes must decode to a valid transaction. 2. The transaction must be valid (i.e. pass runTx, AnteHandler only)

If any transaction fails to pass either condition, the proposal is rejected. Note that step (2) is identical to the validation step performed in DefaultPrepareProposal. It is very important that the same validation logic is used in both steps, and applications must ensure that this is the case in non-default handlers.

func (*DefaultProposalHandler) SetTxSelector added in v0.47.6

func (h *DefaultProposalHandler) SetTxSelector(ts TxSelector)

SetTxSelector sets the TxSelector function on the DefaultProposalHandler.

type GRPCQueryHandler added in v0.40.0

type GRPCQueryHandler = func(ctx sdk.Context, req *abci.RequestQuery) (*abci.ResponseQuery, error)

GRPCQueryHandler defines a function type which handles ABCI Query requests using gRPC

type GRPCQueryRouter added in v0.40.0

type GRPCQueryRouter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GRPCQueryRouter routes ABCI Query requests to GRPC handlers

func NewGRPCQueryRouter added in v0.40.0

func NewGRPCQueryRouter() *GRPCQueryRouter

NewGRPCQueryRouter creates a new GRPCQueryRouter

func (*GRPCQueryRouter) HybridHandlerByRequestName added in v0.50.0

func (qrt *GRPCQueryRouter) HybridHandlerByRequestName(name string) []func(ctx context.Context, req, resp protoiface.MessageV1) error

func (*GRPCQueryRouter) RegisterService added in v0.40.0

func (qrt *GRPCQueryRouter) RegisterService(sd *grpc.ServiceDesc, handler interface{})

RegisterService implements the gRPC Server.RegisterService method. sd is a gRPC service description, handler is an object which implements that gRPC service/

This functions PANICS: - if a protobuf service is registered twice.

func (*GRPCQueryRouter) Route added in v0.40.0

func (qrt *GRPCQueryRouter) Route(path string) GRPCQueryHandler

Route returns the GRPCQueryHandler for a given query route path or nil if not found

func (*GRPCQueryRouter) SetInterfaceRegistry added in v0.40.0

func (qrt *GRPCQueryRouter) SetInterfaceRegistry(interfaceRegistry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry)

SetInterfaceRegistry sets the interface registry for the router. This will also register the interface reflection gRPC service.

type GasTx added in v0.47.6

type GasTx interface {
	GetGas() uint64

GasTx defines the contract that a transaction with a gas limit must implement.

type LegacyParamStore added in v0.47.0

type LegacyParamStore interface {
	Get(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, ptr interface{})
	Has(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) bool

type MessageRouter added in v0.50.0

type MessageRouter interface {
	Handler(msg sdk.Msg) MsgServiceHandler
	HandlerByTypeURL(typeURL string) MsgServiceHandler

MessageRouter ADR 031 request type routing

type MsgServiceHandler added in v0.40.0

type MsgServiceHandler = func(ctx sdk.Context, req sdk.Msg) (*sdk.Result, error)

MsgServiceHandler defines a function type which handles Msg service message.

type MsgServiceRouter added in v0.40.0

type MsgServiceRouter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MsgServiceRouter routes fully-qualified Msg service methods to their handler.

func NewMsgServiceRouter added in v0.40.0

func NewMsgServiceRouter() *MsgServiceRouter

NewMsgServiceRouter creates a new MsgServiceRouter.

func (*MsgServiceRouter) Handler added in v0.40.0

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) Handler(msg sdk.Msg) MsgServiceHandler

Handler returns the MsgServiceHandler for a given msg or nil if not found.

func (*MsgServiceRouter) HandlerByTypeURL added in v0.43.0

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) HandlerByTypeURL(typeURL string) MsgServiceHandler

HandlerByTypeURL returns the MsgServiceHandler for a given query route path or nil if not found.

func (*MsgServiceRouter) HybridHandlerByMsgName added in v0.50.0

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) HybridHandlerByMsgName(msgName string) func(ctx context.Context, req, resp protoiface.MessageV1) error

func (*MsgServiceRouter) RegisterService added in v0.40.0

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) RegisterService(sd *grpc.ServiceDesc, handler interface{})

RegisterService implements the gRPC Server.RegisterService method. sd is a gRPC service description, handler is an object which implements that gRPC service.

This function PANICs:

  • if it is called before the service `Msg`s have been registered using RegisterInterfaces,
  • or if a service is being registered twice.

func (*MsgServiceRouter) SetCircuit added in v0.46.13

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) SetCircuit(cb CircuitBreaker)

func (*MsgServiceRouter) SetInterfaceRegistry added in v0.40.0

func (msr *MsgServiceRouter) SetInterfaceRegistry(interfaceRegistry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry)

SetInterfaceRegistry sets the interface registry for the router.

type ParamStore

type ParamStore interface {
	Get(ctx context.Context) (cmtproto.ConsensusParams, error)
	Has(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)
	Set(ctx context.Context, cp cmtproto.ConsensusParams) error

ParamStore defines the interface the parameter store used by the BaseApp must fulfill.

type ProposalTxVerifier added in v0.47.0

type ProposalTxVerifier interface {
	PrepareProposalVerifyTx(tx sdk.Tx) ([]byte, error)
	ProcessProposalVerifyTx(txBz []byte) (sdk.Tx, error)
	TxDecode(txBz []byte) (sdk.Tx, error)
	TxEncode(tx sdk.Tx) ([]byte, error)

ProposalTxVerifier defines the interface that is implemented by BaseApp, that any custom ABCI PrepareProposal and ProcessProposal handler can use to verify a transaction.

type QueryServiceTestHelper added in v0.40.0

type QueryServiceTestHelper struct {
	Ctx sdk.Context

QueryServiceTestHelper provides a helper for making grpc query service rpc calls in unit tests. It implements both the grpc Server and ClientConn interfaces needed to register a query service server and create a query service client.

func NewQueryServerTestHelper added in v0.40.0

func NewQueryServerTestHelper(ctx sdk.Context, interfaceRegistry types.InterfaceRegistry) *QueryServiceTestHelper

NewQueryServerTestHelper creates a new QueryServiceTestHelper that wraps the provided sdk.Context

func (*QueryServiceTestHelper) Invoke added in v0.40.0

func (q *QueryServiceTestHelper) Invoke(_ gocontext.Context, method string, args, reply interface{}, _ ...grpc.CallOption) error

Invoke implements the grpc ClientConn.Invoke method

func (*QueryServiceTestHelper) NewStream added in v0.40.0

NewStream implements the grpc ClientConn.NewStream method

type RecoveryHandler added in v0.40.0

type RecoveryHandler func(recoveryObj interface{}) error

RecoveryHandler handles recovery() object. Return a non-nil error if recoveryObj was processed. Return nil if recoveryObj was not processed.

type StoreLoader

type StoreLoader func(ms storetypes.CommitMultiStore) error

StoreLoader defines a customizable function to control how we load the CommitMultiStore from disk. This is useful for state migration, when loading a datastore written with an older version of the software. In particular, if a module changed the substore key name (or removed a substore) between two versions of the software.

type TxSelector added in v0.47.6

type TxSelector interface {
	// SelectedTxs should return a copy of the selected transactions.
	SelectedTxs(ctx context.Context) [][]byte

	// Clear should clear the TxSelector, nulling out all relevant fields.

	// SelectTxForProposal should attempt to select a transaction for inclusion in
	// a proposal based on inclusion criteria defined by the TxSelector. It must
	// return <true> if the caller should halt the transaction selection loop
	// (typically over a mempool) or <false> otherwise.
	SelectTxForProposal(ctx context.Context, maxTxBytes, maxBlockGas uint64, memTx sdk.Tx, txBz []byte) bool

TxSelector defines a helper type that assists in selecting transactions during mempool transaction selection in PrepareProposal. It keeps track of the total number of bytes and total gas of the selected transactions. It also keeps track of the selected transactions themselves.

func NewDefaultTxSelector added in v0.47.6

func NewDefaultTxSelector() TxSelector

type ValidatorStore added in v0.50.0

type ValidatorStore interface {
	GetPubKeyByConsAddr(context.Context, sdk.ConsAddress) (cmtprotocrypto.PublicKey, error)

ValidatorStore defines the interface contract require for verifying vote extension signatures. Typically, this will be implemented by the x/staking module, which has knowledge of the CometBFT public key.


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