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const (
	AttachPipeStdin  = 1
	AttachPipeStdout = 2
	AttachPipeStderr = 3

Sync with stdpipe_t in conmon.c

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const (
	// PodInfraOOMAdj is the value that we set for oom score adj for
	// the pod infra container.
	// TODO: Remove this const once this value is provided over CRI
	// See
	PodInfraOOMAdj int = -998
	// PodInfraCPUshares is default cpu shares for sandbox container.
	PodInfraCPUshares = 2
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const (
	// SysctlsPodAnnotationKey represents the key of sysctls which are set for the infrastructure
	// container of a pod. The annotation value is a comma separated list of sysctl_name=value
	// key-value pairs. Only a limited set of whitelisted and isolated sysctls is supported by
	// the kubelet. Pods with other sysctls will fail to launch.
	SysctlsPodAnnotationKey string = ""

	// UnsafeSysctlsPodAnnotationKey represents the key of sysctls which are set for the infrastructure
	// container of a pod. The annotation value is a comma separated list of sysctl_name=value
	// key-value pairs. Unsafe sysctls must be explicitly enabled for a kubelet. They are properly
	// namespaced to a pod or a container, but their isolation is usually unclear or weak. Their use
	// is at-your-own-risk. Pods that attempt to set an unsafe sysctl that is not enabled for a kubelet
	// will fail to launch.
	UnsafeSysctlsPodAnnotationKey string = ""
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const CrioConfigPath = "/etc/crio/crio.conf"

CrioConfigPath is the default location for the conf file


This section is empty.


func SysctlsFromPodAnnotations

func SysctlsFromPodAnnotations(a map[string]string) ([]Sysctl, []Sysctl, error)

SysctlsFromPodAnnotations parses the sysctl annotations into a slice of safe Sysctls and a slice of unsafe Sysctls. This is only a convenience wrapper around SysctlsFromPodAnnotation.


type APIConfig

type APIConfig struct {
	// Listen is the path to the AF_LOCAL socket on which cri-o will listen.
	// This may support proto://addr formats later, but currently this is just
	// a path.
	Listen string `toml:"listen"`

	// StreamAddress is the IP address on which the stream server will listen.
	StreamAddress string `toml:"stream_address"`

	// StreamPort is the port on which the stream server will listen.
	StreamPort string `toml:"stream_port"`

APIConfig represents the "crio.api" TOML config table.

type Config

type Config struct {

Config represents the entire set of configuration values that can be set for the server. This is intended to be loaded from a toml-encoded config file.

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() *Config

DefaultConfig returns the default configuration for crio.

func (*Config) ToFile

func (c *Config) ToFile(path string) error

ToFile outputs the given Config as a TOML-encoded file at the given path. Returns errors encountered when generating or writing the file, or nil otherwise.

func (*Config) UpdateFromFile

func (c *Config) UpdateFromFile(path string) error

UpdateFromFile populates the Config from the TOML-encoded file at the given path. Returns errors encountered when reading or parsing the files, or nil otherwise.

type SecretData

type SecretData struct {
	Name string
	Data []byte

SecretData info

func (SecretData) SaveTo

func (s SecretData) SaveTo(dir string) error

SaveTo saves secret data to given directory

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements the RuntimeService and ImageService

func New

func New(config *Config) (*Server, error)

New creates a new Server with options provided

func (*Server) Attach

func (s *Server) Attach(ctx context.Context, req *pb.AttachRequest) (resp *pb.AttachResponse, err error)

Attach prepares a streaming endpoint to attach to a running container.

func (*Server) BindAddress

func (s *Server) BindAddress() string

BindAddress is used to retrieve host's IP

func (*Server) ContainerStats

func (s *Server) ContainerStats(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ContainerStatsRequest) (resp *pb.ContainerStatsResponse, err error)

ContainerStats returns stats of the container. If the container does not exist, the call returns an error.

func (*Server) ContainerStatus

func (s *Server) ContainerStatus(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ContainerStatusRequest) (resp *pb.ContainerStatusResponse, err error)

ContainerStatus returns status of the container.

func (*Server) CreateContainer

func (s *Server) CreateContainer(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateContainerRequest) (res *pb.CreateContainerResponse, err error)

CreateContainer creates a new container in specified PodSandbox

func (*Server) CreateMetricsEndpoint

func (s *Server) CreateMetricsEndpoint() (*http.ServeMux, error)

CreateMetricsEndpoint creates a /metrics endpoint for prometheus monitoring

func (*Server) Exec

func (s *Server) Exec(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ExecRequest) (resp *pb.ExecResponse, err error)

Exec prepares a streaming endpoint to execute a command in the container.

func (*Server) ExecSync

func (s *Server) ExecSync(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ExecSyncRequest) (resp *pb.ExecSyncResponse, err error)

ExecSync runs a command in a container synchronously.

func (*Server) ExitMonitorCloseChan

func (s *Server) ExitMonitorCloseChan() chan struct{}

ExitMonitorCloseChan returns the close chan for the exit monitor

func (*Server) GetAttach

func (s *Server) GetAttach(req *pb.AttachRequest) (*pb.AttachResponse, error)

GetAttach returns attach stream request

func (*Server) GetContainer

func (s *Server) GetContainer(id string) *oci.Container

GetContainer returns a container by its ID

func (*Server) GetExec

func (s *Server) GetExec(req *pb.ExecRequest) (*pb.ExecResponse, error)

GetExec returns exec stream request

func (*Server) GetInfoMux

func (s *Server) GetInfoMux() *bone.Mux

GetInfoMux returns the mux used to serve info requests

func (*Server) GetPortForward

func (s *Server) GetPortForward(req *pb.PortForwardRequest) (*pb.PortForwardResponse, error)

GetPortForward returns port forward stream request

func (*Server) GetSandboxContainer

func (s *Server) GetSandboxContainer(id string) *oci.Container

GetSandboxContainer returns the infra container for a given sandbox

func (*Server) ImageFsInfo

func (s *Server) ImageFsInfo(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ImageFsInfoRequest) (resp *pb.ImageFsInfoResponse, err error)

ImageFsInfo returns information of the filesystem that is used to store images.

func (*Server) ImageStatus

func (s *Server) ImageStatus(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ImageStatusRequest) (resp *pb.ImageStatusResponse, err error)

ImageStatus returns the status of the image.

func (*Server) ListContainerStats

func (s *Server) ListContainerStats(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListContainerStatsRequest) (resp *pb.ListContainerStatsResponse, err error)

ListContainerStats returns stats of all running containers.

func (*Server) ListContainers

func (s *Server) ListContainers(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListContainersRequest) (resp *pb.ListContainersResponse, err error)

ListContainers lists all containers by filters.

func (*Server) ListImages

func (s *Server) ListImages(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListImagesRequest) (resp *pb.ListImagesResponse, err error)

ListImages lists existing images.

func (*Server) ListPodSandbox

func (s *Server) ListPodSandbox(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListPodSandboxRequest) (resp *pb.ListPodSandboxResponse, err error)

ListPodSandbox returns a list of SandBoxes.

func (*Server) PodSandboxStatus

func (s *Server) PodSandboxStatus(ctx context.Context, req *pb.PodSandboxStatusRequest) (resp *pb.PodSandboxStatusResponse, err error)

PodSandboxStatus returns the Status of the PodSandbox.

func (*Server) PortForward

func (s *Server) PortForward(ctx context.Context, req *pb.PortForwardRequest) (resp *pb.PortForwardResponse, err error)

PortForward prepares a streaming endpoint to forward ports from a PodSandbox.

func (*Server) PullImage

func (s *Server) PullImage(ctx context.Context, req *pb.PullImageRequest) (resp *pb.PullImageResponse, err error)

PullImage pulls a image with authentication config.

func (*Server) RemoveContainer

func (s *Server) RemoveContainer(ctx context.Context, req *pb.RemoveContainerRequest) (resp *pb.RemoveContainerResponse, err error)

RemoveContainer removes the container. If the container is running, the container should be force removed.

func (*Server) RemoveImage

func (s *Server) RemoveImage(ctx context.Context, req *pb.RemoveImageRequest) (resp *pb.RemoveImageResponse, err error)

RemoveImage removes the image.

func (*Server) RemovePodSandbox

func (s *Server) RemovePodSandbox(ctx context.Context, req *pb.RemovePodSandboxRequest) (resp *pb.RemovePodSandboxResponse, err error)

RemovePodSandbox deletes the sandbox. If there are any running containers in the sandbox, they should be force deleted.

func (*Server) RunPodSandbox

func (s *Server) RunPodSandbox(ctx context.Context, req *pb.RunPodSandboxRequest) (resp *pb.RunPodSandboxResponse, err error)

RunPodSandbox creates and runs a pod-level sandbox.

func (*Server) Shutdown

func (s *Server) Shutdown() error

Shutdown attempts to shut down the server's storage cleanly

func (*Server) StartContainer

func (s *Server) StartContainer(ctx context.Context, req *pb.StartContainerRequest) (resp *pb.StartContainerResponse, err error)

StartContainer starts the container.

func (*Server) StartExitMonitor

func (s *Server) StartExitMonitor()

StartExitMonitor start a routine that monitors container exits and updates the container status

func (*Server) Status

func (s *Server) Status(ctx context.Context, req *pb.StatusRequest) (resp *pb.StatusResponse, err error)

Status returns the status of the runtime

func (*Server) StopAllPodSandboxes

func (s *Server) StopAllPodSandboxes()

StopAllPodSandboxes removes all pod sandboxes

func (*Server) StopContainer

func (s *Server) StopContainer(ctx context.Context, req *pb.StopContainerRequest) (resp *pb.StopContainerResponse, err error)

StopContainer stops a running container with a grace period (i.e., timeout).

func (*Server) StopExitMonitor

func (s *Server) StopExitMonitor()

StopExitMonitor stops the exit monitor

func (*Server) StopPodSandbox

func (s *Server) StopPodSandbox(ctx context.Context, req *pb.StopPodSandboxRequest) (resp *pb.StopPodSandboxResponse, err error)

StopPodSandbox stops the sandbox. If there are any running containers in the sandbox, they should be force terminated.

func (*Server) StopStreamServer

func (s *Server) StopStreamServer() error

StopStreamServer stops the stream server

func (*Server) StreamingServerCloseChan

func (s *Server) StreamingServerCloseChan() chan struct{}

StreamingServerCloseChan returns the close channel for the streaming server

func (*Server) Update

func (s *Server) Update()

Update makes changes to the server's state (lists of pods and containers) to reflect the list of pods and containers that are stored on disk, possibly having been modified by other parties

func (*Server) UpdateContainerResources

func (s *Server) UpdateContainerResources(ctx context.Context, req *pb.UpdateContainerResourcesRequest) (resp *pb.UpdateContainerResourcesResponse, err error)

UpdateContainerResources updates ContainerConfig of the container.

func (*Server) UpdateRuntimeConfig

func (s *Server) UpdateRuntimeConfig(ctx context.Context, req *pb.UpdateRuntimeConfigRequest) (resp *pb.UpdateRuntimeConfigResponse, err error)

UpdateRuntimeConfig updates the configuration of a running container.

func (*Server) Version

func (s *Server) Version(ctx context.Context, req *pb.VersionRequest) (resp *pb.VersionResponse, err error)

Version returns the runtime name, runtime version and runtime API version

type Sysctl

type Sysctl struct {
	// Name of a property to set
	Name string `json:"name"`
	// Value of a property to set
	Value string `json:"value"`

Sysctl defines a kernel parameter to be set

func SysctlsFromPodAnnotation

func SysctlsFromPodAnnotation(annotation string) ([]Sysctl, error)

SysctlsFromPodAnnotation parses an annotation value into a slice of Sysctls.


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