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Package mock is just for test only.



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type Context

type Context struct {
	Store kv.Storage // mock global variable
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context represents mocked context.Context.

func NewContext

func NewContext() *Context

NewContext creates a new mocked context.Context.

func (*Context) ActivePendingTxn

func (c *Context) ActivePendingTxn() error

ActivePendingTxn implements the context.Context interface.

func (*Context) Cancel

func (c *Context) Cancel()

Cancel implements the Session interface.

func (*Context) ClearValue

func (c *Context) ClearValue(key fmt.Stringer)

ClearValue implements context.Context ClearValue interface.

func (*Context) GetClient

func (c *Context) GetClient() kv.Client

GetClient implements context.Context GetClient interface.

func (*Context) GetGlobalSysVar

func (c *Context) GetGlobalSysVar(ctx context.Context, name string) (string, error)

GetGlobalSysVar implements GlobalVarAccessor GetGlobalSysVar interface.

func (*Context) GetSessionManager

func (c *Context) GetSessionManager() util.SessionManager

GetSessionManager implements the context.Context interface.

func (*Context) GetSessionVars

func (c *Context) GetSessionVars() *variable.SessionVars

GetSessionVars implements the context.Context GetSessionVars interface.

func (*Context) GetStore

func (c *Context) GetStore() kv.Storage

GetStore gets the store of session.

func (*Context) GoCtx

func (c *Context) GoCtx() goctx.Context

GoCtx returns standard context.Context that bind with current transaction.

func (*Context) InitTxnWithStartTS

func (c *Context) InitTxnWithStartTS(startTS uint64) error

InitTxnWithStartTS implements the context.Context interface with startTS.

func (*Context) NewTxn

func (c *Context) NewTxn() error

NewTxn implements the context.Context interface.

func (*Context) RefreshTxnCtx

func (c *Context) RefreshTxnCtx() error

RefreshTxnCtx implements the context.Context interface.

func (*Context) SetGlobalSysVar

func (c *Context) SetGlobalSysVar(ctx context.Context, name string, value string) error

SetGlobalSysVar implements GlobalVarAccessor SetGlobalSysVar interface.

func (*Context) SetSessionManager

func (c *Context) SetSessionManager(sm util.SessionManager)

SetSessionManager set the session manager.

func (*Context) SetValue

func (c *Context) SetValue(key fmt.Stringer, value interface{})

SetValue implements context.Context SetValue interface.

func (*Context) Txn

func (c *Context) Txn() kv.Transaction

Txn implements context.Context Txn interface.

func (*Context) Value

func (c *Context) Value(key fmt.Stringer) interface{}

Value implements context.Context Value interface.

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