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const (
	DefaultGrpcLimits = 128
	DefaultHTTPLimits = 128

    Define const


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    var (
    	ErrAPINotSupported = errors.New("api not supported")


    func MakeTxRawMsgsForSign

    func MakeTxRawMsgsForSign(tx *types.Transaction, utxos ...*rpcpb.Utxo) ([][]byte, error)

      MakeTxRawMsgsForSign make tx raw msg for sign

      func ParseAddrFrom

      func ParseAddrFrom(
      	sc *script.Script, txHash *crypto.HashType, idx uint32, tr ChainTxReader,
      ) (string, error)

        ParseAddrFrom parse addr from scriptPubkey

        func RegisterGatewayHandler

        func RegisterGatewayHandler(name string, h GatewayHandler)

          RegisterGatewayHandler registers a new http gateway handler for gRPC service

          func RegisterService

          func RegisterService(name string, s Service)

            RegisterService registers a new gRPC service

            func RegisterServiceWithGatewayHandler

            func RegisterServiceWithGatewayHandler(name string, s Service, h GatewayHandler)

              RegisterServiceWithGatewayHandler registers a gRPC service with gateway handler


              type ChainBlockReader

              type ChainBlockReader interface {
              	// LoadBlockInfoByTxHash(crypto.HashType) (*types.Block, *types.Transaction, error)
              	ReadBlockFromDB(*crypto.HashType) (*types.Block, int, error)
              	EternalBlock() *types.Block
              	TailBlock() *types.Block
              	GetLogs(from, to uint32, topicslist [][][]byte) ([]*types.Log, error)
              	FilterLogs(logs []*types.Log, topicslist [][][]byte) ([]*types.Log, error)
              	TailState() *state.StateDB
              	GetEvmByHeight(msg types.Message, height uint32) (*vm.EVM, func() error, error)

                ChainBlockReader defines chain block reader interface

                type ChainTxReader

                type ChainTxReader interface {
                	LoadBlockInfoByTxHash(crypto.HashType) (*types.Block, *types.Transaction, error)
                	GetDataFromDB([]byte) ([]byte, error)
                	GetTxReceipt(*crypto.HashType) (*types.Receipt, error)

                  ChainTxReader defines chain tx reader interface

                  type Config

                  type Config struct {
                  	Enabled         bool       `mapstructure:"enabled"`
                  	Address         string     `mapstructure:"address"`
                  	Port            int        `mapstructure:"port"`
                  	HTTP            HTTPConfig `mapstructure:"http"`
                  	GrpcLimits      int        `mapstructure:"grpc_limits"`
                  	HTTPLimits      int        `mapstructure:"http_limits"`
                  	HTTPCors        []string   `mapstructure:"http_cors"`
                  	FaucetKeyFile   string     `mapstructure:"faucet_keyfile"`
                  	SubScribeBlocks bool       `mapstructure:"subscribe_blocks"`
                  	SubScribeLogs   bool       `mapstructure:"subscribe_logs"`

                    Config defines the configurations of rpc server

                    type GRPCServer

                    type GRPCServer interface {
                    	GetChainReader() service.ChainReader
                    	GetTxHandler() service.TxHandler
                    	GetWalletAgent() service.WalletAgent
                    	GetEventBus() eventbus.Bus
                    	Proc() goprocess.Process

                      GRPCServer interface breaks cycle import dependency

                      type GatewayHandler

                      type GatewayHandler func(context.Context, *runtime.ServeMux, string, []grpc.DialOption) error

                        GatewayHandler defines the register func of http gateway handler for gRPC service

                        type HTTPConfig

                        type HTTPConfig struct {
                        	Address string `mapstructure:"address"`
                        	Port    int    `mapstructure:"port"`

                          HTTPConfig defines the address/port of rest api over http

                          type Server

                          type Server struct {
                          	ChainReader service.ChainReader
                          	TxHandler   service.TxHandler
                          	WalletAgent service.WalletAgent
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            Server defines the rpc server

                            func NewServer

                            func NewServer(parent goprocess.Process, cfg *Config,
                            	cr service.ChainReader, txh service.TxHandler,
                            	wa service.WalletAgent, bus eventbus.Bus) *Server

                              NewServer creates a RPC server instance.

                              func (*Server) GetChainReader

                              func (s *Server) GetChainReader() service.ChainReader

                                GetChainReader returns an interface to observe chain state

                                func (*Server) GetEventBus

                                func (s *Server) GetEventBus() eventbus.Bus

                                  GetEventBus returns a interface to publish events

                                  func (*Server) GetTxHandler

                                  func (s *Server) GetTxHandler() service.TxHandler

                                    GetTxHandler returns a handler to deal with transactions

                                    func (*Server) GetWalletAgent

                                    func (s *Server) GetWalletAgent() service.WalletAgent

                                      GetWalletAgent returns the wallet related service handler

                                      func (*Server) Proc

                                      func (s *Server) Proc() goprocess.Process

                                        Proc returns the goprocess

                                        func (*Server) Run

                                        func (s *Server) Run() error

                                          Run gRPC service

                                          func (*Server) Stop

                                          func (s *Server) Stop()

                                            Stop gRPC service

                                            type Service

                                            type Service func(s *Server)

                                              Service defines the grpc service func

                                              type TxPoolReader

                                              type TxPoolReader interface {
                                              	GetTxByHash(hash *crypto.HashType) (*types.TxWrap, bool)

                                                TxPoolReader defines tx pool reader interface