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func VerifyNoLeaks

func VerifyNoLeaks(t *testing.T, opts *VerifyOpts)

VerifyNoLeaks verifies that there are no goroutines running that are stuck inside of readFrames or writeFrames. Since some goroutines may still be performing work in the background, we retry the checks if any goroutines are fine in a running state a finite number of times.


type Stack

type Stack struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Stack represents a single Goroutine's stack.

func GetAll

func GetAll() []Stack

GetAll returns the stacks for all running goroutines.

func (Stack) Full

func (s Stack) Full() []byte

Full returns the full stack trace for this goroutine.

func (Stack) ID

func (s Stack) ID() int

ID returns the goroutine ID.

func (Stack) State

func (s Stack) State() string

State returns the Goroutine's state.

func (Stack) String

func (s Stack) String() string

type VerifyOpts

type VerifyOpts struct {
	// Exclude is a string that will exclude a stack from being considered a leak.
	Exclude string

VerifyOpts contains

func (*VerifyOpts) ShouldSkip

func (opts *VerifyOpts) ShouldSkip(s Stack) bool

ShouldSkip returns whether the given stack should be skipped when doing verification.

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