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func GetMaccPerms

func GetMaccPerms() map[string][]string

    GetMaccPerms returns a mapping of the application's module account permissions.

    func MakeCodecs

    func MakeCodecs() (*std.Codec, *codec.Codec)


    type FreeFlixApp

    type FreeFlixApp struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func NewFreeFlixApp

    func NewFreeFlixApp(
    	logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, traceStore io.Writer, loadLatest bool,
    	invCheckPeriod uint, skipUpgradeHeights map[int64]bool, home string,
    	baseAppOptions ...func(*bam.BaseApp),
    ) *FreeFlixApp

    func (*FreeFlixApp) BeginBlocker

    func (app *FreeFlixApp) BeginBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestBeginBlock) abci.ResponseBeginBlock

    func (*FreeFlixApp) Codec

    func (app *FreeFlixApp) Codec() *codec.Codec

      Codec returns the application's sealed codec.

      func (*FreeFlixApp) EndBlocker

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestEndBlock) abci.ResponseEndBlock

      func (*FreeFlixApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators(forZeroHeight bool, jailWhiteList []string,
      ) (appState json.RawMessage, validators []tmtypes.GenesisValidator, cp *abci.ConsensusParams, err error)

      func (*FreeFlixApp) InitChainer

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) InitChainer(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestInitChain) abci.ResponseInitChain

      func (*FreeFlixApp) LoadHeight

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) LoadHeight(height int64) error

      func (*FreeFlixApp) ModuleAccountAddrs

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) ModuleAccountAddrs() map[string]bool

      func (*FreeFlixApp) Name

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) Name() string

      func (*FreeFlixApp) SimulationManager

      func (app *FreeFlixApp) SimulationManager() *module.SimulationManager

        SimulationManager implements the SimulationApp interface

        type GenesisState

        type GenesisState map[string]json.RawMessage

        func NewDefaultGenesisState

        func NewDefaultGenesisState() GenesisState