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func NewOperationNotSupportedError

func NewOperationNotSupportedError(operation string) *apierr.StatusError

    NewOperationNotSupportedError returns a StatusError indicating that the invoked API call is not supported.

    func NewStackdriverProvider

    func NewStackdriverProvider(kubeClient *corev1.CoreV1Client, mapper apimeta.RESTMapper, gceConf *config.GceConfig, stackdriverService *stackdriver.Service, translator *translator.Translator, rateInterval time.Duration, useNewResourceModel bool, fallbackForContainerMetrics bool) provider.MetricsProvider

      NewStackdriverProvider creates a StackdriverProvider


      type StackdriverProvider

      type StackdriverProvider struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        StackdriverProvider is a provider of custom metrics from Stackdriver.

        func (*StackdriverProvider) GetExternalMetric

        func (p *StackdriverProvider) GetExternalMetric(namespace string, metricSelector labels.Selector, info provider.ExternalMetricInfo) (*external_metrics.ExternalMetricValueList, error)

          GetExternalMetric queries Stackdriver for external metrics.

          func (*StackdriverProvider) GetMetricByName

            GetMetricByName fetches a particular metric for a particular object. The namespace will be empty if the metric is root-scoped.

            func (*StackdriverProvider) GetMetricBySelector

            func (p *StackdriverProvider) GetMetricBySelector(namespace string, selector labels.Selector, info provider.CustomMetricInfo, metricSelector labels.Selector) (*custom_metrics.MetricValueList, error)

              GetMetricBySelector fetches a particular metric for a set of objects matching the given label selector. The namespace will be empty if the metric is root-scoped.

              func (*StackdriverProvider) ListAllExternalMetrics

              func (p *StackdriverProvider) ListAllExternalMetrics() []provider.ExternalMetricInfo

                ListAllExternalMetrics returns a list of available external metrics. Not implemented (currently returns empty list).

                func (*StackdriverProvider) ListAllMetrics

                func (p *StackdriverProvider) ListAllMetrics() []provider.CustomMetricInfo

                  ListAllMetrics returns all custom metrics available from Stackdriver. List only pod metrics