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const (
	// DDLAllSchemaVersions is the path on etcd that is used to store all servers current schema versions.
	// It's exported for testing.
	DDLAllSchemaVersions = "/tidb/ddl/all_schema_versions"
	// DDLGlobalSchemaVersion is the path on etcd that is used to store the latest schema versions.
	// It's exported for testing.
	DDLGlobalSchemaVersion = "/tidb/ddl/global_schema_version"
	// InitialVersion is the initial schema version for every server.
	// It's exported for testing.
	InitialVersion = "0"
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const (

	// DDLOwnerKey is the ddl owner path that is saved to etcd, and it's exported for testing.
	DDLOwnerKey = "/tidb/ddl/fg/owner"


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var (
	// TableColumnCountLimit is limit of the number of columns in a table.
	// It's exported for testing.
	TableColumnCountLimit = 512
	// EnableSplitTableRegion is a flag to decide whether to split a new region for
	// a newly created table. It takes effect only if the Storage supports split
	// region.
	EnableSplitTableRegion = false
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var (

	// ErrInvalidDBState returns for invalid database state.
	ErrInvalidDBState = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidDBState, "invalid database state")
	// ErrInvalidTableState returns for invalid Table state.
	ErrInvalidTableState = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidTableState, "invalid table state")
	// ErrInvalidColumnState returns for invalid column state.
	ErrInvalidColumnState = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidColumnState, "invalid column state")
	// ErrInvalidIndexState returns for invalid index state.
	ErrInvalidIndexState = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidIndexState, "invalid index state")
	// ErrInvalidForeignKeyState returns for invalid foreign key state.
	ErrInvalidForeignKeyState = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidForeignKeyState, "invalid foreign key state")
	// ErrUnsupportedModifyPrimaryKey returns an error when add or drop the primary key.
	// It's exported for testing.
	ErrUnsupportedModifyPrimaryKey = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeUnsupportedModifyPrimaryKey, "unsupported %s primary key")

	// ErrColumnBadNull returns for a bad null value.
	ErrColumnBadNull = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeBadNull, "column cann't be null")
	// ErrCantRemoveAllFields returns for deleting all columns.
	ErrCantRemoveAllFields = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeCantRemoveAllFields, "can't delete all columns with ALTER TABLE")
	// ErrCantDropFieldOrKey returns for dropping a non-existent field or key.
	ErrCantDropFieldOrKey = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeCantDropFieldOrKey, "can't drop field; check that column/key exists")
	// ErrInvalidOnUpdate returns for invalid ON UPDATE clause.
	ErrInvalidOnUpdate = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeInvalidOnUpdate, "invalid ON UPDATE clause for the column")
	// ErrTooLongIdent returns for too long name of database/table/column.
	ErrTooLongIdent = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeTooLongIdent, "Identifier name too long")
	// ErrWrongDBName returns for wrong database name.
	ErrWrongDBName = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeWrongDBName, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrWrongDBName])
	// ErrWrongTableName returns for wrong table name.
	ErrWrongTableName = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeWrongTableName, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrWrongTableName])
	// ErrWrongColumnName returns for wrong column name.
	ErrWrongColumnName = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeWrongColumnName, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrWrongColumnName])
	// ErrWrongNameForIndex returns for wrong index name.
	ErrWrongNameForIndex = terror.ClassDDL.New(codeWrongNameForIndex, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrWrongNameForIndex])
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var (
	// CheckVersFirstWaitTime is a waitting time before the owner checks all the servers of the schema version,
	// and it's an exported variable for testing.
	CheckVersFirstWaitTime = 50 * time.Millisecond
	// SyncerSessionTTL is the etcd session's TTL in seconds.
	// and it's an exported variable for testing.
	SyncerSessionTTL = 10 * 60
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var RunWorker = true

RunWorker indicates if this TiDB server starts DDL worker and can run DDL job.


This section is empty.


type BaseCallback

type BaseCallback struct {

BaseCallback implements Callback.OnChanged interface.

func (*BaseCallback) OnChanged

func (c *BaseCallback) OnChanged(err error) error

OnChanged implements Callback interface.

func (*BaseCallback) OnJobRunBefore

func (c *BaseCallback) OnJobRunBefore(job *model.Job)

OnJobRunBefore implements Callback.OnJobRunBefore interface.

func (*BaseCallback) OnJobUpdated

func (c *BaseCallback) OnJobUpdated(job *model.Job)

OnJobUpdated implements Callback.OnJobUpdated interface.

func (*BaseCallback) OnWatched

func (c *BaseCallback) OnWatched(ctx goctx.Context)

OnWatched implements Callback.OnWatched interface.

type Callback

type Callback interface {
	// OnChanged is called after schema is changed.
	OnChanged(err error) error
	// OnJobRunBefore is called before running job.
	OnJobRunBefore(job *model.Job)
	// OnJobUpdated is called after the running job is updated.
	OnJobUpdated(job *model.Job)
	// OnWatched is called after watching owner is completed.
	OnWatched(ctx goctx.Context)

Callback is the interface supporting callback function when DDL changed.

type DDL

type DDL interface {
	CreateSchema(ctx context.Context, name model.CIStr, charsetInfo *ast.CharsetOpt) error
	DropSchema(ctx context.Context, schema model.CIStr) error
	CreateTable(ctx context.Context, ident ast.Ident, cols []*ast.ColumnDef,
		constrs []*ast.Constraint, options []*ast.TableOption) error
	CreateTableWithLike(ctx context.Context, ident, referIdent ast.Ident) error
	DropTable(ctx context.Context, tableIdent ast.Ident) (err error)
	CreateIndex(ctx context.Context, tableIdent ast.Ident, unique bool, indexName model.CIStr,
		columnNames []*ast.IndexColName, indexOption *ast.IndexOption) error
	DropIndex(ctx context.Context, tableIdent ast.Ident, indexName model.CIStr) error
	GetInformationSchema() infoschema.InfoSchema
	AlterTable(ctx context.Context, tableIdent ast.Ident, spec []*ast.AlterTableSpec) error
	TruncateTable(ctx context.Context, tableIdent ast.Ident) error
	RenameTable(ctx context.Context, oldTableIdent, newTableIdent ast.Ident) error
	// SetLease will reset the lease time for online DDL change,
	// it's a very dangerous function and you must guarantee that all servers have the same lease time.
	SetLease(ctx goctx.Context, lease time.Duration)
	// GetLease returns current schema lease time.
	GetLease() time.Duration
	// Stats returns the DDL statistics.
	Stats(vars *variable.SessionVars) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	// GetScope gets the status variables scope.
	GetScope(status string) variable.ScopeFlag
	// Stop stops DDL worker.
	Stop() error
	// RegisterEventCh registers event channel for ddl.
	RegisterEventCh(chan<- *Event)
	// SchemaSyncer gets the schema syncer.
	SchemaSyncer() SchemaSyncer
	// OwnerManager gets the owner manager, and it's used for testing.
	OwnerManager() owner.Manager
	// WorkerVars gets the session variables for DDL worker.
	WorkerVars() *variable.SessionVars
	// SetHook sets the hook. It's exported for testing.
	SetHook(h Callback)
	// GetHook gets the hook. It's exported for testing.
	GetHook() Callback

DDL is responsible for updating schema in data store and maintaining in-memory InfoSchema cache.

func NewDDL

func NewDDL(ctx goctx.Context, etcdCli *clientv3.Client, store kv.Storage,
	infoHandle *infoschema.Handle, hook Callback, lease time.Duration, ctxPool *pools.ResourcePool) DDL

NewDDL creates a new DDL.

type Event

type Event struct {
	Tp         model.ActionType
	TableInfo  *model.TableInfo
	ColumnInfo *model.ColumnInfo
	IndexInfo  *model.IndexInfo

Event is an event that a ddl operation happened.

func (*Event) String

func (e *Event) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer interface.

type SchemaSyncer

type SchemaSyncer interface {
	// Init sets the global schema version path to etcd if it isn't exist,
	// then watch this path, and initializes the self schema version to etcd.
	Init(ctx goctx.Context) error
	// UpdateSelfVersion updates the current version to the self path on etcd.
	UpdateSelfVersion(ctx goctx.Context, version int64) error
	// RemoveSelfVersionPath remove the self path from etcd.
	RemoveSelfVersionPath() error
	// OwnerUpdateGlobalVersion updates the latest version to the global path on etcd until updating is successful or the ctx is done.
	OwnerUpdateGlobalVersion(ctx goctx.Context, version int64) error
	// GlobalVersionCh gets the chan for watching global version.
	GlobalVersionCh() clientv3.WatchChan
	// MustGetGlobalVersion gets the global version. The only reason it fails is that ctx is done.
	MustGetGlobalVersion(ctx goctx.Context) (int64, error)
	// Done() returns a channel that closes when the syncer is no longer being refreshed.
	Done() <-chan struct{}
	// Restart restarts the syncer when it's on longer being refreshed.
	Restart(ctx goctx.Context) error
	// OwnerCheckAllVersions checks whether all followers' schema version are equal to
	// the latest schema version. If the result is false, wait for a while and check again util the processing time reach 2 * lease.
	// It returns until all servers' versions are equal to the latest version or the ctx is done.
	OwnerCheckAllVersions(ctx goctx.Context, latestVer int64) error

SchemaSyncer is used to synchronize schema version between the DDL worker leader and followers through etcd.

func NewMockSchemaSyncer

func NewMockSchemaSyncer() SchemaSyncer

NewMockSchemaSyncer creates a new mock SchemaSyncer.

func NewSchemaSyncer

func NewSchemaSyncer(etcdCli *clientv3.Client, id string) SchemaSyncer

NewSchemaSyncer creates a new SchemaSyncer.


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