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func OptSetCloseChan

func OptSetCloseChan(c <-chan struct{}) func(*Type)

OptSetCloseChan sets a channel that when closed will interrupt any blocking calls within the client.

func OptSetHTTPTransport added in v1.3.2

func OptSetHTTPTransport(transport *http.Transport) func(*Type)

OptSetHTTPTransport sets the HTTP Transport to use. NOTE: This setting will override any configured TLS options.

func OptSetLogger added in v0.16.2

func OptSetLogger(log log.Modular) func(*Type)

OptSetLogger sets the logger to use.

func OptSetManager added in v0.31.3

func OptSetManager(mgr types.Manager) func(*Type)

OptSetManager sets the manager to use.

func OptSetStats added in v0.16.2

func OptSetStats(stats metrics.Type) func(*Type)

OptSetStats sets the metrics aggregator to use.


type Config

type Config struct {
	URL         string            `json:"url" yaml:"url"`
	Verb        string            `json:"verb" yaml:"verb"`
	Headers     map[string]string `json:"headers" yaml:"headers"`
	RateLimit   string            `json:"rate_limit" yaml:"rate_limit"`
	Timeout     string            `json:"timeout" yaml:"timeout"`
	Retry       string            `json:"retry_period" yaml:"retry_period"`
	MaxBackoff  string            `json:"max_retry_backoff" yaml:"max_retry_backoff"`
	NumRetries  int               `json:"retries" yaml:"retries"`
	BackoffOn   []int             `json:"backoff_on" yaml:"backoff_on"`
	DropOn      []int             `json:"drop_on" yaml:"drop_on"`
	TLS         tls.Config        `json:"tls" yaml:"tls"`
	auth.Config `json:",inline" yaml:",inline"`

Config is a configuration struct for an HTTP client.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

NewConfig creates a new Config with default values.

type Type

type Type struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Type is an output type that pushes messages to Type.

func New

func New(conf Config, opts ...func(*Type)) (*Type, error)

New creates a new Type.

func (*Type) CreateRequest added in v0.16.0

func (h *Type) CreateRequest(msg types.Message) (req *http.Request, err error)

CreateRequest creates an HTTP request out of a single message.

func (*Type) Do added in v0.16.0

func (h *Type) Do(msg types.Message) (res *http.Response, err error)

Do attempts to create and perform an HTTP request from a message payload. This attempt may include retries, and if all retries fail an error is returned.

func (*Type) ParseResponse added in v0.16.0

func (h *Type) ParseResponse(res *http.Response) (resMsg types.Message, err error)

ParseResponse attempts to parse an HTTP response into a 2D slice of bytes.

func (*Type) Send

func (h *Type) Send(msg types.Message) (types.Message, error)

Send attempts to send a message to an HTTP server, this attempt may include retries, and if all retries fail an error is returned. The message payload can be nil, in which case an empty body is sent. The response will be parsed back into a message, meaning mulitpart content handling is done for you.

If the response body is empty the message returned is nil.

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