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Published: Dec 28, 2014 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 4 Imported by: 0




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const (
	INIT_JPG  = 0x00000001
	INIT_PNG  = 0x00000002
	INIT_TIF  = 0x00000004
	INIT_WEBP = 0x00000008


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func GetError

func GetError() error

func Init

func Init(flags int) int

func IsBMP

func IsBMP(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsCUR

func IsCUR(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsGIF

func IsGIF(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsICO

func IsICO(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsJPG

func IsJPG(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsLBM

func IsLBM(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsPCX

func IsPCX(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsPNG

func IsPNG(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsPNM

func IsPNM(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsTIF

func IsTIF(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsWEBP

func IsWEBP(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsXCF

func IsXCF(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsXPM

func IsXPM(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func IsXV

func IsXV(src *sdl.RWops) bool

func LinkedVersion

func LinkedVersion() *sdl.Version

func Load

func Load(file string) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadBMP_RW

func LoadBMP_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadCUR_RW

func LoadCUR_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadGIF_RW

func LoadGIF_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadICO_RW

func LoadICO_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadJPG_RW

func LoadJPG_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadLBM_RW

func LoadLBM_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadPCX_RW

func LoadPCX_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadPNG_RW

func LoadPNG_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadPNM_RW

func LoadPNM_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadTGA_RW

func LoadTGA_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadTIF_RW

func LoadTIF_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadTexture

func LoadTexture(renderer *sdl.Renderer, file string) (*sdl.Texture, error)

func LoadTexture_RW

func LoadTexture_RW(renderer *sdl.Renderer, src *sdl.RWops, freesrc int) (*sdl.Texture, error)

func LoadTyped_RW

func LoadTyped_RW(src *sdl.RWops, freesrc int, type_ string) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadWEBP_RW

func LoadWEBP_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadXCF_RW

func LoadXCF_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadXPM_RW

func LoadXPM_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func LoadXV_RW

func LoadXV_RW(src *sdl.RWops) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func Load_RW

func Load_RW(src *sdl.RWops, freesrc int) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func Quit

func Quit()

func ReadXPMFromArray

func ReadXPMFromArray(xpm string) (*sdl.Surface, error)

func SavePNG

func SavePNG(surface *sdl.Surface, file string) error

func SavePNG_RW

func SavePNG_RW(surface *sdl.Surface, dst *sdl.RWops, freedst int) error


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