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Published: Aug 13, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	IncomingByteRateName  = "incoming-byte-rate-for-broker-"
	OutgoingByteRateName  = "outgoing-byte-rate-for-broker-"
	RequestRateName       = "request-rate-for-broker-"
	RequestSizeName       = "request-size-for-broker-"
	RequestLatencyName    = "request-latency-in-ms-for-broker-"
	ResponseRateName      = "response-rate-for-broker-"
	ResponseSizeName      = "response-size-for-broker-"
	BatchSizeName         = "batch-size-for-topic-"
	RecordSendRateName    = "record-send-rate-for-topic-"
	RecordsPerRequestName = "records-per-request-for-topic-"
	CompressionRatioName  = "compression-ratio-for-topic-"

type Metrics

type Metrics struct {
	IncomingByteRate  metrics.Gauge
	OutgoingByteRate  metrics.Gauge
	RequestRate       metrics.Gauge
	RequestSize       metrics.Gauge
	RequestLatency    metrics.Gauge
	ResponseRate      metrics.Gauge
	ResponseSize      metrics.Gauge
	BatchSize         metrics.Gauge
	RecordSendRate    metrics.Gauge
	RecordsPerRequest metrics.Gauge
	CompressionRatio  metrics.Gauge

	GoMetricsRegistry gometrics.Registry

func New

func New(config *localconfig.TopLevel, metricsProvider metrics.Provider, healthChecker healthChecker, migCtrl migration.Controller) (consensus.Consenter, *Metrics)

New creates a Kafka-based consenter. Called by orderer's main.go.

func NewMetrics

func NewMetrics(p metrics.Provider, registry gometrics.Registry) *Metrics

func (*Metrics) PollGoMetrics

func (m *Metrics) PollGoMetrics()

PollGoMetrics takes the current metric values from go-metrics and publishes them to the gauges exposed through go-kit's metrics.

func (*Metrics) PollGoMetricsUntilStop

func (m *Metrics) PollGoMetricsUntilStop(frequency time.Duration, stopChannel <-chan struct{})

PollGoMetricsUntilStop should generally be invoked on a dedicated go routine. This go routine will then invoke PollGoMetrics at the specified frequency until the stopChannel closes.

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