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Published: Jun 28, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func BrowserDashboard

func BrowserDashboard(c *gin.Context)

func DailySettlement

func DailySettlement(c *gin.Context)

This endpoint is highly experimental. It has many security issues and it is only used by us for testing and prototyping only. YOU HAVE TO USE PROPER AUTHENTICATION system if you decide to go with it. See apigateway package if you are interested.

func GenerateMultiTemplate

func GenerateMultiTemplate() multitemplate.Renderer

func GetAll

func GetAll(c *gin.Context)

func IndexPage

func IndexPage(c *gin.Context)

func LandingPage

func LandingPage(c *gin.Context)

func MakeDummyTransaction

func MakeDummyTransaction(c *gin.Context)

func MerchantRegistration

func MerchantRegistration(c *gin.Context)

func MerchantTransactionsEndpoint

func MerchantTransactionsEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func MerchantViews

func MerchantViews(c *gin.Context)

func ReportIssueEndpoint

func ReportIssueEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func Stream

func Stream(c *gin.Context)

func TimeFormatter

func TimeFormatter(t time.Time) string

func TransactionByTid

func TransactionByTid(c *gin.Context)

func TransactionsCount

func TransactionsCount(c *gin.Context)

type Env

type Env struct {
	Db *gorm.DB

func (*Env) GetTransactionbyID

func (e *Env) GetTransactionbyID(c *gin.Context)

type MerchantTransactions

type MerchantTransactions struct {
	PurchaseAmount         float32 `json:"purchase_amount"`
	AllTransactions        int     `json:"purchases_count"`
	SuccessfulTransactions int     `json:"successful_transactions"`
	FailedTransactions     int     `json:"failed_transactions"`

func (*MerchantTransactions) MarshalBinary

func (p *MerchantTransactions) MarshalBinary() ([]byte, error)

To allow Redis to use this struct directly in marshaling

func (*MerchantTransactions) UnmarshalBinary

func (p *MerchantTransactions) UnmarshalBinary(data []byte) error

To allow Redis to use this struct directly in marshaling

type PurchaseModel

type PurchaseModel struct {

type SearchModel

type SearchModel struct {
	Page       int    `form:"page"`
	TerminalID string `form:"tid" binding:"required"`

type Transaction

type Transaction struct {

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