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const PruneImagesRecommendedName = "images"

PruneImagesRecommendedName is the recommended command name


This section is empty.


func NewCmdPruneImages

func NewCmdPruneImages(f kcmdutil.Factory, parentName, name string, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

NewCmdPruneImages implements the OpenShift cli prune images command.


type PruneImagesOptions

type PruneImagesOptions struct {
	Confirm             bool
	KeepYoungerThan     *time.Duration
	KeepTagRevisions    *int
	PruneOverSizeLimit  *bool
	AllImages           *bool
	CABundle            string
	RegistryUrlOverride string
	Namespace           string
	ForceInsecure       bool
	PruneRegistry       *bool
	IgnoreInvalidRefs   bool

	ClientConfig       *restclient.Config
	AppsClient         appsv1client.AppsV1Interface
	BuildClient        buildv1client.BuildV1Interface
	ImageClient        imagev1client.ImageV1Interface
	ImageClientFactory func() (imagev1client.ImageV1Interface, error)
	DiscoveryClient    discovery.DiscoveryInterface
	KubeClient         kubernetes.Interface
	Timeout            time.Duration
	Out                io.Writer
	ErrOut             io.Writer

PruneImagesOptions holds all the required options for pruning images.

func (*PruneImagesOptions) Complete

func (o *PruneImagesOptions) Complete(f kcmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string, out io.Writer) error

Complete turns a partially defined PruneImagesOptions into a solvent structure which can be validated and used for pruning images.

func (PruneImagesOptions) Run

func (o PruneImagesOptions) Run() error

Run contains all the necessary functionality for the OpenShift cli prune images command.

func (PruneImagesOptions) Validate

func (o PruneImagesOptions) Validate() error

Validate ensures that a PruneImagesOptions is valid and can be used to execute pruning.

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