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type Error

type Error struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Adds the output of stderr to exec.ExitError

func (*Error) Error

func (e *Error) Error() string

func (*Error) ExitStatus

func (e *Error) ExitStatus() int

type IPTables

type IPTables struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() (*IPTables, error)

func (*IPTables) Append

func (ipt *IPTables) Append(table, chain string, rulespec ...string) error

Append appends rulespec to specified table/chain

func (*IPTables) AppendUnique

func (ipt *IPTables) AppendUnique(table, chain string, rulespec ...string) error

AppendUnique acts like Append except that it won't add a duplicate

func (*IPTables) ClearChain

func (ipt *IPTables) ClearChain(table, chain string) error

ClearChain flushed (deletes all rules) in the specifed table/chain. If the chain does not exist, new one will be created

func (*IPTables) Delete

func (ipt *IPTables) Delete(table, chain string, rulespec ...string) error

Delete removes rulespec in specified table/chain

func (*IPTables) DeleteChain

func (ipt *IPTables) DeleteChain(table, chain string) error

DeleteChain deletes the chain in the specified table. The chain must be empty

func (*IPTables) Exists

func (ipt *IPTables) Exists(table, chain string, rulespec ...string) (bool, error)

Exists checks if given rulespec in specified table/chain exists

func (*IPTables) Insert

func (ipt *IPTables) Insert(table, chain string, pos int, rulespec ...string) error

Insert inserts rulespec to specified table/chain (in specified pos)

func (*IPTables) List

func (ipt *IPTables) List(table, chain string) ([]string, error)

List rules in specified table/chain

func (*IPTables) NewChain

func (ipt *IPTables) NewChain(table, chain string) error

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