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type CronWorkflowServiceClient

type CronWorkflowServiceClient = Facade

func (CronWorkflowServiceClient) CreateCronWorkflow

func (CronWorkflowServiceClient) GetCronWorkflow

func (CronWorkflowServiceClient) LintCronWorkflow

func (CronWorkflowServiceClient) ListCronWorkflows

func (CronWorkflowServiceClient) UpdateCronWorkflow

type Facade

type Facade struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Facade provides a adapter from GRPC interface, but uses HTTP to send the messages. Errors are extracted from message body and returned as GRPC status errors.

func NewFacade

func NewFacade(baseUrl, authorization string, insecureSkipVerify bool) Facade

func (Facade) Delete

func (h Facade) Delete(in, out interface{}, path string) error

func (Facade) EventStreamReader

func (h Facade) EventStreamReader(in interface{}, path string) (*bufio.Reader, error)

func (Facade) Get

func (h Facade) Get(in, out interface{}, path string) error

func (Facade) Post

func (h Facade) Post(in, out interface{}, path string) error

func (Facade) Put

func (h Facade) Put(in, out interface{}, path string) error

func (Facade) ResumeCronWorkflow

func (Facade) SuspendCronWorkflow

type InfoServiceClient

type InfoServiceClient = Facade

func (InfoServiceClient) GetInfo

func (InfoServiceClient) GetUserInfo

func (InfoServiceClient) GetVersion

type WorkflowServiceClient

type WorkflowServiceClient = Facade

func (WorkflowServiceClient) CreateWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) GetWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) LintWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) ListWorkflows

func (WorkflowServiceClient) ResubmitWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) ResumeWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) RetryWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) SetWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) StopWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) SubmitWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) SuspendWorkflow

func (WorkflowServiceClient) TerminateWorkflow

type WorkflowTemplateServiceClient

type WorkflowTemplateServiceClient = Facade

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