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func ValidateArtifact

func ValidateArtifact(errPrefix string, art *wfv1.HDFSArtifact) error

ValidateArtifact validates HDFS artifact


type ArtifactDriver

type ArtifactDriver struct {
	Addresses  []string // comma-separated name nodes
	Path       string
	Force      bool
	HDFSUser   string
	KrbOptions *KrbOptions

ArtifactDriver is a driver for HDFS

func CreateDriver

func CreateDriver(ctx context.Context, ci resource.Interface, art *wfv1.HDFSArtifact) (*ArtifactDriver, error)

CreateDriver constructs ArtifactDriver

func (*ArtifactDriver) Load

func (driver *ArtifactDriver) Load(_ *wfv1.Artifact, path string) error

Load downloads artifacts from HDFS compliant storage

func (*ArtifactDriver) Save

func (driver *ArtifactDriver) Save(path string, outputArtifact *wfv1.Artifact) error

Save saves an artifact to HDFS compliant storage

type CCacheOptions

type CCacheOptions struct {
	CCache credentials.CCache

CCacheOptions is options for ccache

type KeytabOptions

type KeytabOptions struct {
	Keytab   keytab.Keytab
	Username string
	Realm    string

KeytabOptions is options for keytab

type KrbOptions

type KrbOptions struct {
	CCacheOptions        *CCacheOptions
	KeytabOptions        *KeytabOptions
	Config               string
	ServicePrincipalName string

KrbOptions is options for Kerberos

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