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var DefaultUserAgent = fmt.Sprintf("AlibabaCloud (%s; %s) Golang/%s Core/%s", runtime.GOOS, runtime.GOARCH, strings.Trim(runtime.Version(), "go"), Version)
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var Version = "0.0.1"

    Version this value will be replaced while build: -ldflags="-X sdk.version=x.x.x"


    func Timeout

    func Timeout(connectTimeout time.Duration) func(cxt context.Context, net, addr string) (c net.Conn, err error)

    func TransToString

    func TransToString(object interface{}) string


    type Client

    type Client struct {
    	EndpointMap  map[string]string
    	EndpointType string
    	Network      string
    	Domain       string
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Client the type Client

      func NewClient

      func NewClient() (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithAccessKey

      func NewClientWithAccessKey(regionId, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret string) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithBearerToken

      func NewClientWithBearerToken(regionId, bearerToken string) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithEcsRamRole

      func NewClientWithEcsRamRole(regionId string, roleName string) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithOptions

      func NewClientWithOptions(regionId string, config *Config, credential auth.Credential) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithProvider

      func NewClientWithProvider(regionId string, providers ...provider.Provider) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithRamRoleArn

      func NewClientWithRamRoleArn(regionId string, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, roleArn, roleSessionName string) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithRamRoleArnAndPolicy

      func NewClientWithRamRoleArnAndPolicy(regionId string, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, roleArn, roleSessionName, policy string) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithRsaKeyPair

      func NewClientWithRsaKeyPair(regionId string, publicKeyId, privateKey string, sessionExpiration int) (client *Client, err error)

      func NewClientWithStsRoleArn

      func NewClientWithStsRoleArn(regionId string, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, roleArn, roleSessionName string) (client *Client, err error)

        Deprecated: Use NewClientWithRamRoleArn in this package instead.

        func NewClientWithStsRoleNameOnEcs

        func NewClientWithStsRoleNameOnEcs(regionId string, roleName string) (client *Client, err error)

          Deprecated: Use NewClientWithEcsRamRole in this package instead.

          func NewClientWithStsToken

          func NewClientWithStsToken(regionId, stsAccessKeyId, stsAccessKeySecret, stsToken string) (client *Client, err error)

          func (*Client) AddAsyncTask

          func (client *Client) AddAsyncTask(task func()) (err error)

            * only block when any one of the following occurs: 1. the asyncTaskQueue is full, increase the queue size to avoid this 2. Shutdown() in progressing, the client is being closed *

            func (*Client) AppendUserAgent

            func (client *Client) AppendUserAgent(key, value string)

            func (*Client) BuildRequestWithSigner

            func (client *Client) BuildRequestWithSigner(request requests.AcsRequest, signer auth.Signer) (err error)

            func (*Client) CloseLogger

            func (client *Client) CloseLogger()

            func (*Client) DoAction

            func (client *Client) DoAction(request requests.AcsRequest, response responses.AcsResponse) (err error)

            func (*Client) DoActionWithSigner

            func (client *Client) DoActionWithSigner(request requests.AcsRequest, response responses.AcsResponse, signer auth.Signer) (err error)

            func (*Client) EnableAsync

            func (client *Client) EnableAsync(routinePoolSize, maxTaskQueueSize int)

              EnableAsync enable the async task queue

              func (*Client) GetConfig

              func (client *Client) GetConfig() *Config

              func (*Client) GetConnectTimeout

              func (client *Client) GetConnectTimeout() time.Duration

              func (*Client) GetEndpointRules

              func (client *Client) GetEndpointRules(regionId string, product string) (endpointRaw string, err error)

              func (*Client) GetHTTPSInsecure

              func (client *Client) GetHTTPSInsecure() bool

              func (*Client) GetHttpProxy

              func (client *Client) GetHttpProxy() string

              func (*Client) GetHttpsProxy

              func (client *Client) GetHttpsProxy() string

              func (*Client) GetLogger

              func (client *Client) GetLogger() *Logger

              func (*Client) GetLoggerMsg

              func (client *Client) GetLoggerMsg() string

              func (*Client) GetNoProxy

              func (client *Client) GetNoProxy() string

              func (*Client) GetReadTimeout

              func (client *Client) GetReadTimeout() time.Duration

              func (*Client) GetSigner

              func (client *Client) GetSigner() auth.Signer

              func (*Client) GetTemplate

              func (client *Client) GetTemplate() string

              func (*Client) Init

              func (client *Client) Init() (err error)

              func (*Client) InitClientConfig

              func (client *Client) InitClientConfig() (config *Config)

              func (*Client) InitWithAccessKey

              func (client *Client) InitWithAccessKey(regionId, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret string) (err error)

              func (*Client) InitWithBearerToken

              func (client *Client) InitWithBearerToken(regionId, bearerToken string) (err error)

              func (*Client) InitWithEcsRamRole

              func (client *Client) InitWithEcsRamRole(regionId, roleName string) (err error)

              func (*Client) InitWithOptions

              func (client *Client) InitWithOptions(regionId string, config *Config, credential auth.Credential) (err error)

              func (*Client) InitWithProviderChain

              func (client *Client) InitWithProviderChain(regionId string, provider provider.Provider) (err error)

                InitWithProviderChain will get credential from the providerChain, the RsaKeyPairCredential Only applicable to regionID `ap-northeast-1`, if your providerChain may return a credential type with RsaKeyPairCredential, please ensure your regionID is `ap-northeast-1`.

                func (*Client) InitWithRamRoleArn

                func (client *Client) InitWithRamRoleArn(regionId, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, roleArn, roleSessionName string) (err error)

                func (*Client) InitWithRamRoleArnAndPolicy

                func (client *Client) InitWithRamRoleArnAndPolicy(regionId, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, roleArn, roleSessionName, policy string) (err error)

                func (*Client) InitWithRsaKeyPair

                func (client *Client) InitWithRsaKeyPair(regionId, publicKeyId, privateKey string, sessionExpiration int) (err error)

                func (*Client) InitWithStsToken

                func (client *Client) InitWithStsToken(regionId, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, securityToken string) (err error)

                func (*Client) OpenLogger

                func (client *Client) OpenLogger()

                func (*Client) ProcessCommonRequest

                func (client *Client) ProcessCommonRequest(request *requests.CommonRequest) (response *responses.CommonResponse, err error)

                func (*Client) ProcessCommonRequestWithSigner

                func (client *Client) ProcessCommonRequestWithSigner(request *requests.CommonRequest, signerInterface interface{}) (response *responses.CommonResponse, err error)

                func (*Client) SetConnectTimeout

                func (client *Client) SetConnectTimeout(connectTimeout time.Duration)

                func (*Client) SetEndpointRules

                func (client *Client) SetEndpointRules(endpointMap map[string]string, endpointType string, netWork string)

                func (*Client) SetHTTPSInsecure

                func (client *Client) SetHTTPSInsecure(isInsecure bool)

                func (*Client) SetHttpProxy

                func (client *Client) SetHttpProxy(httpProxy string)

                func (*Client) SetHttpsProxy

                func (client *Client) SetHttpsProxy(httpsProxy string)

                func (*Client) SetLogger

                func (client *Client) SetLogger(level string, channel string, out io.Writer, template string)

                func (*Client) SetNoProxy

                func (client *Client) SetNoProxy(noProxy string)

                func (*Client) SetReadTimeout

                func (client *Client) SetReadTimeout(readTimeout time.Duration)

                func (*Client) SetSigner

                func (client *Client) SetSigner(signer auth.Signer)

                func (*Client) SetTemplate

                func (client *Client) SetTemplate(template string)

                func (*Client) SetTransport

                func (client *Client) SetTransport(transport http.RoundTripper)

                func (*Client) Shutdown

                func (client *Client) Shutdown()

                type Config

                type Config struct {
                	AutoRetry         bool              `default:"false"`
                	MaxRetryTime      int               `default:"3"`
                	UserAgent         string            `default:""`
                	Debug             bool              `default:"false"`
                	HttpTransport     *http.Transport   `default:""`
                	Transport         http.RoundTripper `default:""`
                	EnableAsync       bool              `default:"false"`
                	MaxTaskQueueSize  int               `default:"1000"`
                	GoRoutinePoolSize int               `default:"5"`
                	Scheme            string            `default:"HTTP"`
                	Timeout           time.Duration

                func NewConfig

                func NewConfig() (config *Config)

                func (*Config) WithAutoRetry

                func (c *Config) WithAutoRetry(isAutoRetry bool) *Config

                func (*Config) WithDebug

                func (c *Config) WithDebug(isDebug bool) *Config

                func (*Config) WithEnableAsync

                func (c *Config) WithEnableAsync(isEnableAsync bool) *Config

                func (*Config) WithGoRoutinePoolSize

                func (c *Config) WithGoRoutinePoolSize(goRoutinePoolSize int) *Config

                func (*Config) WithHttpTransport

                func (c *Config) WithHttpTransport(httpTransport *http.Transport) *Config

                func (*Config) WithMaxRetryTime

                func (c *Config) WithMaxRetryTime(maxRetryTime int) *Config

                func (*Config) WithMaxTaskQueueSize

                func (c *Config) WithMaxTaskQueueSize(maxTaskQueueSize int) *Config

                func (*Config) WithScheme

                func (c *Config) WithScheme(scheme string) *Config

                func (*Config) WithTimeout

                func (c *Config) WithTimeout(timeout time.Duration) *Config

                func (*Config) WithUserAgent

                func (c *Config) WithUserAgent(userAgent string) *Config

                type Logger

                type Logger struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields


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                Package providers Deprecated
                * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
                * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.