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type BridgeBuilder

type BridgeBuilder struct{}

BridgeBuilder implements NetworkBuilder interface by bridging containers to an ENI on Linux.

func (*BridgeBuilder) DeleteEndpoint

func (nb *BridgeBuilder) DeleteEndpoint(nw *Network, ep *Endpoint) error

DeleteEndpoint deletes an endpoint from a container network. Deletion is best-effort; tries to clean up endpoint artifacts as much as possible.

func (*BridgeBuilder) DeleteNetwork

func (nb *BridgeBuilder) DeleteNetwork(nw *Network) error

DeleteNetwork deletes a container network.

func (*BridgeBuilder) FindOrCreateEndpoint

func (nb *BridgeBuilder) FindOrCreateEndpoint(nw *Network, ep *Endpoint) error

FindOrCreateEndpoint connects the ENI to target network namespace using veth pairs.

func (*BridgeBuilder) FindOrCreateNetwork

func (nb *BridgeBuilder) FindOrCreateNetwork(nw *Network) error

FindOrCreateNetwork creates a new container network.

type Builder

type Builder interface {
	FindOrCreateNetwork(nw *Network) error
	DeleteNetwork(nw *Network) error
	FindOrCreateEndpoint(nw *Network, ep *Endpoint) error
	DeleteEndpoint(nw *Network, ep *Endpoint) error

Builder knows how to build container networks and connect container network interfaces.

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	ContainerID string
	NetNSName   string
	IfName      string
	IfType      string
	TapUserID   int
	MACAddress  net.HardwareAddr
	IPAddress   *net.IPNet

Endpoint represents a container network interface.

type Network

type Network struct {
	Name                string
	BridgeType          string
	BridgeNetNSPath     string
	BridgeIndex         int
	SharedENI           *eni.ENI
	ENIIPAddress        *net.IPNet
	GatewayIPAddress    net.IP
	VPCCIDRs            []net.IPNet
	DNSServers          []string
	DNSSuffixSearchList []string
	ServiceCIDR         string

Network represents a container network.

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