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func AddRecordsToBatch

func AddRecordsToBatch(batch chunk.WriteBatch, tableName string, start, numRecords int)

func AddRecordsToDB

func AddRecordsToDB(t *testing.T, path string, dbClient *local.BoltIndexClient, start, numRecords int)

func CompareDBs

func CompareDBs(t *testing.T, db1, db2 *bbolt.DB)

func DecompressFile

func DecompressFile(t *testing.T, src, dest string)

func SetupDBTablesAtPath

func SetupDBTablesAtPath(t *testing.T, tableName, path string, dbs map[string]DBRecords, compressRandomFiles bool) string

func TestMultiTableQuery

func TestMultiTableQuery(t *testing.T, queries []chunk.IndexQuery, querier MultiTableQuerier, start, numRecords int)

func TestSingleDBQuery

func TestSingleDBQuery(t *testing.T, query chunk.IndexQuery, db *bbolt.DB, querier SingleDBQuerier, start, numRecords int)

func TestSingleTableQuery

func TestSingleTableQuery(t *testing.T, queries []chunk.IndexQuery, querier SingleTableQuerier, start, numRecords int)


type DBRecords

type DBRecords struct {
	Start, NumRecords int

type MultiTableQuerier

type MultiTableQuerier interface {
	QueryPages(ctx context.Context, queries []chunk.IndexQuery, callback chunk_util.Callback) error

type SingleDBQuerier

type SingleDBQuerier interface {
	QueryDB(ctx context.Context, db *bbolt.DB, query chunk.IndexQuery, callback func(chunk.IndexQuery, chunk.ReadBatch) (shouldContinue bool)) error

type SingleTableQuerier

type SingleTableQuerier interface {
	MultiQueries(ctx context.Context, queries []chunk.IndexQuery, callback chunk_util.Callback) error

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