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func New

func New(logger *zap.Logger, options ...Option) (*runtime.ServeMux, []grpc.DialOption)

New create grpc-gateway server mux, and grpc dial options.

func ParseFileDescriptor added in v0.3.19

func ParseFileDescriptor(descriptor protoreflect.FileDescriptor)

ParseFileDescriptor parse file descriptor

func RegisteWhitelistingValidator added in v0.3.19

func RegisteWhitelistingValidator(name string, handler func(xForwardedFor string) (ok bool, err error))

RegisteWhitelistingValidator some handler(s) for whitelisting signature


type Option

type Option func(*option)

Option how setup client

func WithCredential

func WithCredential(credential credentials.TransportCredentials) Option

WithCredential setup credential for tls

func WithDialTimeout

func WithDialTimeout(timeout time.Duration) Option

WithDialTimeout setup the dial timeout

func WithKeepAlive

func WithKeepAlive(keepalive *keepalive.ClientParameters) Option

WithKeepAlive setup keepalive parameters

func WithMarshalJournal added in v0.3.15

func WithMarshalJournal() Option

WithMarshalJournal marshal journal to json string

func WithNotifyHandler added in v0.3.19

func WithNotifyHandler(handler func(desc, err, stack, journalID string)) Option

WithNotifyHandler notify when got panic

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