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Published: Jul 24, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AssertFileAnnotationsEqual

func AssertFileAnnotationsEqual(
	t *testing.T,
	expected []bufanalysis.FileAnnotation,
	actual []bufanalysis.FileAnnotation,

AssertFileAnnotationsEqual asserts that the annotations are equal minus the message.

func NewFileAnnotation

func NewFileAnnotation(
	t *testing.T,
	path string,
	startLine int,
	startColumn int,
	endLine int,
	endColumn int,
	typeString string,
) bufanalysis.FileAnnotation

NewFileAnnotation returns a new FileAnnotation.

func NewFileAnnotationNoLocation

func NewFileAnnotationNoLocation(
	t *testing.T,
	path string,
	typeString string,
) bufanalysis.FileAnnotation

NewFileAnnotationNoLocation returns a new FileAnnotation with no location.

fileInfo can be nil.

func NewFileAnnotationNoLocationOrPath

func NewFileAnnotationNoLocationOrPath(
	t *testing.T,
	typeString string,
) bufanalysis.FileAnnotation

NewFileAnnotationNoLocationOrPath returns a new FileAnnotation with no location or FileInfo.

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