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Package filestore provide a storage backend based on the local file system.

FileStore is a storage backend used as a handler.DataStore in handler.NewHandler. It stores the uploads in a directory specified in two different files: The `[id].info` files are used to store the fileinfo in JSON format. The `[id]` files without an extension contain the raw binary data uploaded. No cleanup is performed so you may want to run a cronjob to ensure your disk is not filled up with old and finished uploads.



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type FileStore

type FileStore struct {
	// Relative or absolute path to store files in. FileStore does not check
	// whether the path exists, use os.MkdirAll in this case on your own.
	Path string

	// modify by sjqzhang
	GetReaderExt func(id string) (io.Reader, error)

See the handler.DataStore interface for documentation about the different methods.

func New

func New(path string) FileStore

New creates a new file based storage backend. The directory specified will be used as the only storage entry. This method does not check whether the path exists, use os.MkdirAll to ensure. In addition, a locking mechanism is provided.

func (FileStore) AsConcatableUpload

func (store FileStore) AsConcatableUpload(upload handler.Upload) handler.ConcatableUpload

func (FileStore) AsLengthDeclarableUpload

func (store FileStore) AsLengthDeclarableUpload(upload handler.Upload) handler.LengthDeclarableUpload

func (FileStore) AsTerminatableUpload

func (store FileStore) AsTerminatableUpload(upload handler.Upload) handler.TerminatableUpload

func (FileStore) GetReader

func (store FileStore) GetReader(id string) (io.Reader, error)

modify by sjqzhang

func (FileStore) GetUpload

func (store FileStore) GetUpload(ctx context.Context, id string) (handler.Upload, error)

func (FileStore) NewUpload

func (store FileStore) NewUpload(ctx context.Context, info handler.FileInfo) (handler.Upload, error)

func (FileStore) UseIn

func (store FileStore) UseIn(composer *handler.StoreComposer)

UseIn sets this store as the core data store in the passed composer and adds all possible extension to it.

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