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func Close

func Close(in *api.Integration, tenant string) (err error)

Close closes a cluster

func EnsureServiceAccount

func EnsureServiceAccount(clusterClient *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string) error

EnsureServiceAccount ensures default service account for stage pod created. Coordinator container in stage pod needs certain permission to pods and pods/log.

func GetSchedulableClusters

func GetSchedulableClusters(client k8s.Interface, tenant string) ([]api.Integration, error)

GetSchedulableClusters gets all clusters which are used to perform workload for this tenant.

func Open

func Open(client k8s.Interface, in *api.Integration, tenantName string) (err error)

Open opens cluster to run workload.

func ReconcileTriggerExecutionContext added in v1.0.0

func ReconcileTriggerExecutionContext(tenant string) error

ReconcileTriggerExecutionContext reconciles execution context for workflow triggers. Update WorkflowTriggers' unavailable execution context (related cluster closed or deleted) with an available one (related cluster opened).

func StartPVCWatcher added in v1.0.0

func StartPVCWatcher(in *api.Integration, tenant string) (err error)

StartPVCWatcher creates a pvc watcher deployment for the integration

func StopPVCWatcher added in v1.0.0

func StopPVCWatcher(in *api.Integration, tenant string) (err error)

StopPVCWatcher deletes the pvc watcher deployment for the integration

func UpdateClusterIntegration

func UpdateClusterIntegration(client k8s.Interface, tenant, name string, in *api.Integration) error

UpdateClusterIntegration ...


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