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type Image

type Image struct {
	Id   int64
	Name string
	Path string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeImage

func MakeImage(renderer *sdl.Renderer, id int64, name string, absolutePath string) (Image, error)

func (*Image) Destroy

func (image *Image) Destroy()
type MenuWrap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeMenuWrap

func MakeMenuWrap() *MenuWrap
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) Destroy()
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) Initialize(sclWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, handle *backend.Handle) error
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) IsReady() bool
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) Render(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, handle *backend.Handle) error
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderDot(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, dot *object.Dot)
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderDots(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, handle *backend.Handle) error
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderLine(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, line *object.Line)
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderLines(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, handle *backend.Handle) error
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderScene(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, handle *backend.Handle) error
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) RenderSprite(sdlWrap *sdlex.SdlWrap, sprite *object.Sprite)
func (menuWrap *MenuWrap) Scene() *Scene

type Scene

type Scene struct {
	Id     int64
	Name   string
	Images map[int64]*Image
	Ready  bool

func MakeScene

func MakeScene(sceneName string, backendHandle *backend.Handle) (*Scene, error)

func (*Scene) AddImage

func (scene *Scene) AddImage(image *Image)

func (*Scene) Clear

func (scene *Scene) Clear()

func (*Scene) Destroy

func (scene *Scene) Destroy()

func (*Scene) IsReady

func (scene *Scene) IsReady() bool

func (*Scene) SetReady

func (scene *Scene) SetReady(ready bool)

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