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GORM Oracle Driver


GORM Oracle driver for connect Oracle DB and Manage Oracle DB, Based on stevefan1999-personal/gorm-driver-oracle

Required dependency Install

Quick Start

import (

func main() {
    db, err := gorm.Open(oracle.Open("system/oracle@"), &gorm.Config{})
    if err != nil {
        // panic error or log error info
    // do somethings




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var ReservedWords = hashset.New(funk.Map(ReservedWordsList, func(s string) interface{} { return s }).([]interface{})...)
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var ReservedWordsList = []string{}/* 142 elements not displayed */


func ConvertNameToFormat

func ConvertNameToFormat(x string) string

func Create

func Create(db *gorm.DB)

func IsReservedWord

func IsReservedWord(v string) bool

func New

func New(config Config) gorm.Dialector

func Open

func Open(dsn string) gorm.Dialector


type Config

type Config struct {
	DriverName        string
	DSN               string
	Conn              *sql.DB
	DefaultStringSize uint

type Dialector

type Dialector struct {

func (Dialector) BindVarTo

func (d Dialector) BindVarTo(writer clause.Writer, stmt *gorm.Statement, v interface{})

func (Dialector) ClauseBuilders

func (d Dialector) ClauseBuilders() map[string]clause.ClauseBuilder

func (Dialector) DataTypeOf

func (d Dialector) DataTypeOf(field *schema.Field) string

func (Dialector) DefaultValueOf

func (d Dialector) DefaultValueOf(*schema.Field) clause.Expression

func (Dialector) DummyTableName

func (d Dialector) DummyTableName() string

func (Dialector) Explain

func (d Dialector) Explain(sql string, vars ...interface{}) string

func (Dialector) Initialize

func (d Dialector) Initialize(db *gorm.DB) (err error)

func (Dialector) Migrator

func (d Dialector) Migrator(db *gorm.DB) gorm.Migrator

func (Dialector) Name

func (d Dialector) Name() string

func (Dialector) QuoteTo

func (d Dialector) QuoteTo(writer clause.Writer, str string)

func (Dialector) RewriteLimit

func (d Dialector) RewriteLimit(c clause.Clause, builder clause.Builder)

func (Dialector) RollbackTo

func (d Dialector) RollbackTo(tx *gorm.DB, name string) error

func (Dialector) SavePoint

func (d Dialector) SavePoint(tx *gorm.DB, name string) error

type Migrator

type Migrator struct {

func (Migrator) AddColumn

func (m Migrator) AddColumn(value interface{}, field string) error

func (Migrator) AlterColumn

func (m Migrator) AlterColumn(value interface{}, field string) error

func (Migrator) CreateConstraint

func (m Migrator) CreateConstraint(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) CreateTable

func (m Migrator) CreateTable(values ...interface{}) error

func (Migrator) CurrentDatabase

func (m Migrator) CurrentDatabase() (name string)

func (Migrator) DropColumn

func (m Migrator) DropColumn(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropConstraint

func (m Migrator) DropConstraint(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropIndex

func (m Migrator) DropIndex(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropTable

func (m Migrator) DropTable(values ...interface{}) error

func (Migrator) HasColumn

func (m Migrator) HasColumn(value interface{}, field string) bool

func (Migrator) HasConstraint

func (m Migrator) HasConstraint(value interface{}, name string) bool

func (Migrator) HasIndex

func (m Migrator) HasIndex(value interface{}, name string) bool

func (Migrator) HasTable

func (m Migrator) HasTable(value interface{}) bool

func (Migrator) RenameIndex

func (m Migrator) RenameIndex(value interface{}, oldName, newName string) error

func (Migrator) RenameTable

func (m Migrator) RenameTable(oldName, newName interface{}) (err error)

func (Migrator) TryQuotifyReservedWords

func (m Migrator) TryQuotifyReservedWords(values ...interface{}) error

func (Migrator) TryRemoveOnUpdate

func (m Migrator) TryRemoveOnUpdate(values ...interface{}) error

type Namer

type Namer struct {

func (Namer) CheckerName

func (n Namer) CheckerName(table, column string) (name string)

func (Namer) ColumnName

func (n Namer) ColumnName(table, column string) (name string)

func (Namer) IndexName

func (n Namer) IndexName(table, column string) (name string)

func (Namer) JoinTableName

func (n Namer) JoinTableName(table string) (name string)

func (Namer) RelationshipFKName

func (n Namer) RelationshipFKName(relationship schema.Relationship) (name string)

func (Namer) TableName

func (n Namer) TableName(table string) (name string)


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