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func DebugTraceEnabled

func DebugTraceEnabled() bool

DebugTraceEnabled returns true if the environment variable GO_CEPH_TEST_DEBUG_TRACE indicates that the JSON requests and responses should be traced (logged).

func NewConn

func NewConn(t *testing.T) *rados.Conn

NewConn return a new rados connection based on the default config.

func NewConnFromConfig

func NewConnFromConfig(t *testing.T, configFile string) *rados.Conn

NewConnFromConfig returns a new rados connection based on the specified config file. If configFile is the empty string, the default config is used.

func WrapConn

func WrapConn(conn *rados.Conn) ccom.RadosCommander

WrapConn wraps the given conn in as a "tracer" if so enabled in the environment.


type Connector

type Connector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Connector is a caching and convenience type for rados connections. Typically it is instantiated as a global in a go _test.go file.

func NewConnector

func NewConnector() *Connector

NewConnector returns a new Connector.

func (*Connector) Get

func (c *Connector) Get(t *testing.T) ccom.RadosCommander

Get returns a RadosCommander that may or may not be wrapped. Typically this is the one you want.

func (*Connector) GetConn

func (c *Connector) GetConn(t *testing.T) *rados.Conn

GetConn returns the underlying rados connection, either cached or newly created.

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