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func ParallelizedIndexRange

func ParallelizedIndexRange(length int, parallelTotal int, parallelNode int) (startIndex int, count int)


type Spec

type Spec struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(subject leafnodes.SubjectNode, containers []*containernode.ContainerNode, announceProgress bool) *Spec

func (*Spec) ConcatenatedString

func (spec *Spec) ConcatenatedString() string

func (*Spec) Failed

func (spec *Spec) Failed() bool

func (*Spec) Focused

func (spec *Spec) Focused() bool

func (*Spec) IsMeasurement

func (spec *Spec) IsMeasurement() bool

func (*Spec) Passed

func (spec *Spec) Passed() bool

func (*Spec) Pending

func (spec *Spec) Pending() bool

func (*Spec) Run

func (spec *Spec) Run(writer io.Writer)

func (*Spec) Skip

func (spec *Spec) Skip()

func (*Spec) Skipped

func (spec *Spec) Skipped() bool

func (*Spec) Summary

func (spec *Spec) Summary(suiteID string) *types.SpecSummary

type Specs

type Specs struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSpecs

func NewSpecs(specs []*Spec) *Specs

func (*Specs) ApplyFocus

func (e *Specs) ApplyFocus(description string, focusString string, skipString string)

func (*Specs) HasProgrammaticFocus

func (e *Specs) HasProgrammaticFocus() bool

func (*Specs) Len

func (e *Specs) Len() int

func (*Specs) Less

func (e *Specs) Less(i, j int) bool

func (*Specs) NumberOfOriginalSpecs

func (e *Specs) NumberOfOriginalSpecs() int

func (*Specs) Shuffle

func (e *Specs) Shuffle(r *rand.Rand)

func (*Specs) SkipMeasurements

func (e *Specs) SkipMeasurements()

func (*Specs) Specs

func (e *Specs) Specs() []*Spec

func (*Specs) Swap

func (e *Specs) Swap(i, j int)

func (*Specs) TrimForParallelization

func (e *Specs) TrimForParallelization(total int, node int)

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