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func Bootstrap

func Bootstrap(ctx environs.BootstrapContext, environ environs.Environ, args BootstrapParams) error

Bootstrap bootstraps the given environment. The supplied constraints are used to provision the instance, and are also set within the bootstrapped environment.

func EnsureNotBootstrapped

func EnsureNotBootstrapped(env environs.Environ) error

EnsureNotBootstrapped returns nil if the environment is not bootstrapped, and an error if it is or if the function was not able to tell.


type BootstrapParams

type BootstrapParams struct {
	// Constraints are used to choose the initial instance specification,
	// and will be stored in the new environment's state.
	Constraints constraints.Value

	// Placement, if non-empty, holds an environment-specific placement
	// directive used to choose the initial instance.
	Placement string

	// UploadTools reports whether we should upload the local tools and
	// override the environment's specified agent-version.
	UploadTools bool

	// MetadataDir is an optional path to a local directory containing
	// tools and/or image metadata.
	MetadataDir string

	// AgentVersion, if set, determines the exact tools version that
	// will be used to start the Juju agents.
	AgentVersion *version.Number

BootstrapParams holds the parameters for bootstrapping an environment.

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