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func BeASubstageOf

func BeASubstageOf(expected interface{}) types.GomegaMatcher


type Answer

type Answer struct {
	Text  string
	Error error

type FakeStage

type FakeStage struct {
	PerformCalls []*PerformCall
	SubStages    []*FakeStage

func NewFakeStage

func NewFakeStage() *FakeStage

func (*FakeStage) Perform

func (s *FakeStage) Perform(name string, closure func() error) error

func (*FakeStage) PerformComplex

func (s *FakeStage) PerformComplex(name string, closure func(biui.Stage) error) error

type FakeUI

type FakeUI struct {
	Said   []string
	Errors []string

	Blocks []string // keep as string to make ginkgo err msgs easier

	Table  Table
	Tables []Table

	AskedTextLabels []string
	AskedText       []Answer

	AskedPasswordLabels []string
	AskedPasswords      []Answer

	AskedChoiceCalled  bool
	AskedChoiceLabel   string
	AskedChoiceOptions []string
	AskedChoiceChosens []int
	AskedChoiceErrs    []error

	AskedConfirmationCalled bool
	AskedConfirmationErr    error

	Interactive bool

	Flushed bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeUI) AskForChoice

func (ui *FakeUI) AskForChoice(label string, options []string) (int, error)

func (*FakeUI) AskForConfirmation

func (ui *FakeUI) AskForConfirmation() error

func (*FakeUI) AskForPassword

func (ui *FakeUI) AskForPassword(label string) (string, error)

func (*FakeUI) AskForText

func (ui *FakeUI) AskForText(label string) (string, error)

func (*FakeUI) BeginLinef

func (ui *FakeUI) BeginLinef(pattern string, args ...interface{})

func (*FakeUI) EndLinef

func (ui *FakeUI) EndLinef(pattern string, args ...interface{})

func (*FakeUI) ErrorLinef

func (ui *FakeUI) ErrorLinef(pattern string, args ...interface{})

func (*FakeUI) Flush

func (ui *FakeUI) Flush()

func (*FakeUI) IsInteractive

func (ui *FakeUI) IsInteractive() bool

func (*FakeUI) PrintBlock

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintBlock(block []byte)

func (*FakeUI) PrintErrorBlock

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintErrorBlock(block string)

func (*FakeUI) PrintLinef

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintLinef(pattern string, args ...interface{})

func (*FakeUI) PrintTable

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintTable(table Table)

func (*FakeUI) PrintTableFiltered

func (ui *FakeUI) PrintTableFiltered(table Table, filterHeader []Header)

type PerformCall

type PerformCall struct {
	Name      string
	Error     error
	SkipError error
	Stage     *FakeStage

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