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func IsErrHTTPResponseToHTTPSClient

func IsErrHTTPResponseToHTTPSClient(err error) bool

IsErrHTTPResponseToHTTPSClient returns whether err is "http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client"

func ParseRepoTag added in v0.9.0

func ParseRepoTag(imgName string) (string, string)

func ReadImageConfig added in v0.9.0

func ReadImageConfig(ctx context.Context, img containerd.Image) (ocispec.Image, error)

readImageConfig reads config spec from content store.


type EnsuredImage

type EnsuredImage struct {
	Ref         string
	Image       containerd.Image
	ImageConfig ocispec.ImageConfig
	Snapshotter string
	Remote      bool // true for stargz

func EnsureImage

func EnsureImage(ctx context.Context, client *containerd.Client, stdout io.Writer, snapshotter, rawRef string, mode PullMode, insecure bool) (*EnsuredImage, error)

EnsureImage ensures the image.

When insecure is set, skips verifying certs, and also falls back to HTTP when the registry does not speak HTTPS

type PullMode

type PullMode = string

PullMode is either one of "always", "missing", "never"

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