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func NewGCWorker

func NewGCWorker(store tikv.Storage) (tikv.GCHandler, error)

NewGCWorker creates a GCWorker instance.

func RunGCJob

func RunGCJob(ctx context.Context, s tikv.Storage, safePoint uint64, identifier string, concurrency int) error

RunGCJob sends GC command to KV. it is exported for kv api, do not use it with GCWorker at the same time.


type GCWorker

type GCWorker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GCWorker periodically triggers GC process on tikv server.

func (*GCWorker) Close

func (w *GCWorker) Close()

Close stops background goroutines.

func (*GCWorker) Start

func (w *GCWorker) Start()

Start starts the worker.

type MockGCWorker

type MockGCWorker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockGCWorker is for test.

func NewMockGCWorker

func NewMockGCWorker(store tikv.Storage) (*MockGCWorker, error)

NewMockGCWorker creates a MockGCWorker instance ONLY for test.

func (*MockGCWorker) DeleteRanges

func (w *MockGCWorker) DeleteRanges(ctx context.Context, safePoint uint64) error

DeleteRanges call deleteRanges internally, just for test.

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