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const ServerStartTime = 5 * time.Second

ServerStartTime defines the time duration that the server need to stay running after startup for the startup be considered successful


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type AppCreator

type AppCreator func(log.Logger, dbm.DB, io.Writer, AppOptions) Application

AppCreator is a function that allows us to lazily initialize an application using various configurations.

type AppExporter

type AppExporter func(log.Logger, dbm.DB, io.Writer, int64, bool, []string, AppOptions) (ExportedApp, error)

AppExporter is a function that dumps all app state to JSON-serializable structure and returns the current validator set.

type AppOptions

type AppOptions interface {
	Get(string) interface{}

AppOptions defines an interface that is passed into an application constructor, typically used to set BaseApp options that are either supplied via config file or through CLI arguments/flags. The underlying implementation is defined by the server package and is typically implemented via a Viper literal defined on the server Context. Note, casting Get calls may not yield the expected types and could result in type assertion errors. It is recommend to either use the cast package or perform manual conversion for safety.

type Application

type Application interface {

	RegisterAPIRoutes(*api.Server, config.APIConfig)

	// RegisterGRPCServer registers gRPC services directly with the gRPC
	// server.

	// RegisterTxService registers the gRPC Query service for tx (such as tx
	// simulation, fetching txs by hash...).

	// RegisterTendermintService registers the gRPC Query service for tendermint queries.

	// Return the multistore instance
	CommitMultiStore() sdk.CommitMultiStore

Application defines an application interface that wraps abci.Application. The interface defines the necessary contracts to be implemented in order to fully bootstrap and start an application.

type ApplicationQueryService added in v0.45.10

type ApplicationQueryService interface {
	// RegisterNodeService registers the node gRPC Query service.

ApplicationQueryService defines an extension of the Application interface that facilitates gRPC query Services.

NOTE: This interfaces exists only in the v0.46.x line to ensure the existing Application interface does not introduce API breaking changes.

type ExportedApp

type ExportedApp struct {
	// AppState is the application state as JSON.
	AppState json.RawMessage
	// Validators is the exported validator set.
	Validators []tmtypes.GenesisValidator
	// Height is the app's latest block height.
	Height int64
	// ConsensusParams are the exported consensus params for ABCI.
	ConsensusParams *abci.ConsensusParams

ExportedApp represents an exported app state, along with validators, consensus params and latest app height.

type ModuleInitFlags

type ModuleInitFlags func(startCmd *cobra.Command)

ModuleInitFlags takes a start command and adds modules specific init flags.

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