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type Basic

type Basic struct {
	HTTPBasicAuthUser string `description:"Basic authentication User"`
	HTTPBasicPassword string `description:"Basic authentication Password"`

Basic holds basic authentication specific configurations

type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Endpoint                  string           `description:"Marathon server endpoint. You can also specify multiple endpoint for Marathon" export:"true"`
	Domain                    string           `description:"Default domain used" export:"true"`
	ExposedByDefault          bool             `description:"Expose Marathon apps by default" export:"true"`
	GroupsAsSubDomains        bool             `description:"Convert Marathon groups to subdomains" export:"true"`
	DCOSToken                 string           `description:"DCOSToken for DCOS environment, This will override the Authorization header" export:"true"`
	MarathonLBCompatibility   bool             `description:"Add compatibility with marathon-lb labels" export:"true"`
	FilterMarathonConstraints bool             `description:"Enable use of Marathon constraints in constraint filtering" export:"true"`
	TLS                       *types.ClientTLS `description:"Enable TLS support" export:"true"`
	DialerTimeout             flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a non-default connection timeout for Marathon" export:"true"`
	KeepAlive                 flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a non-default TCP Keep Alive time in seconds" export:"true"`
	ForceTaskHostname         bool             `description:"Force to use the task's hostname." export:"true"`
	Basic                     *Basic           `description:"Enable basic authentication" export:"true"`
	RespectReadinessChecks    bool             `description:"Filter out tasks with non-successful readiness checks during deployments" export:"true"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider holds configuration of the provider.

func (*Provider) Provide

func (p *Provider) Provide(configurationChan chan<- types.ConfigMessage, pool *safe.Pool, constraints types.Constraints) error

Provide allows the marathon provider to provide configurations to traefik using the given configuration channel.

type TaskState added in v1.4.0

type TaskState string

TaskState denotes the Mesos state a task can have.


Path Synopsis
Package mocks Code generated by mockery v1.0.0 mockery -recursive -dir=vendor/ -name=Marathon -output=provider/marathon/mocks
Package mocks Code generated by mockery v1.0.0 mockery -recursive -dir=vendor/ -name=Marathon -output=provider/marathon/mocks

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