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var (
	ErrAutoincReadFailed = terror.ClassAutoid.New(mysql.ErrAutoincReadFailed, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrAutoincReadFailed])

Error instances.

func GenLocalSchemaID

func GenLocalSchemaID() int64

GenLocalSchemaID generates a local schema ID.

func GetStep

func GetStep() int64

GetStep is only used by tests

func NextStep

func NextStep(curStep int64, consumeDur time.Duration) int64

NextStep return new auto id step according to previous step and consuming time.

func SetStep

func SetStep(s int64)

SetStep is only used by tests

type Allocator

type Allocator interface {
	// Alloc allocs the next autoID for table with tableID.
	// It gets a batch of autoIDs at a time. So it does not need to access storage for each call.
	Alloc(tableID int64) (int64, error)
	// Rebase rebases the autoID base for table with tableID and the new base value.
	// If allocIDs is true, it will allocate some IDs and save to the cache.
	// If allocIDs is false, it will not allocate IDs.
	Rebase(tableID, newBase int64, allocIDs bool) error
	// Base return the current base of Allocator.
	Base() int64
	// End is only used for test.
	End() int64
	// NextGlobalAutoID returns the next global autoID.
	NextGlobalAutoID(tableID int64) (int64, error)

Allocator is an auto increment id generator. Just keep id unique actually.

func NewAllocator

func NewAllocator(store kv.Storage, dbID int64, isUnsigned bool) Allocator

NewAllocator returns a new auto increment id generator on the store.

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