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const (
	PresetFormatting  = "format"
	PresetComplexity  = "complexity"
	PresetStyle       = "style"
	PresetBugs        = "bugs"
	PresetUnused      = "unused"
	PresetPerformance = "performance"


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type Config

type Config struct {
	Linter           Linter
	EnabledByDefault bool
	DoesFullImport   bool
	NeedsSSARepr     bool
	InPresets        []string
	Speed            int // more value means faster execution of linter

	OriginalURL string // URL of original (not forked) repo, needed for autogenerated README

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(linter Linter) *Config

func (Config) GetSpeed

func (lc Config) GetSpeed() int

func (Config) NeedsProgramLoading

func (lc Config) NeedsProgramLoading() bool

func (Config) NeedsSSARepresentation

func (lc Config) NeedsSSARepresentation() bool

func (Config) WithFullImport

func (lc Config) WithFullImport() Config

func (Config) WithPresets

func (lc Config) WithPresets(presets ...string) Config

func (Config) WithSSA

func (lc Config) WithSSA() Config

func (Config) WithSpeed

func (lc Config) WithSpeed(speed int) Config

func (Config) WithURL

func (lc Config) WithURL(url string) Config

type Context

type Context struct {
	PkgProgram           *packages.Program
	Cfg                  *config.Config
	Program              *loader.Program
	SSAProgram           *ssa.Program
	LoaderConfig         *loader.Config
	ASTCache             *astcache.Cache
	NotCompilingPackages []*loader.PackageInfo
	Log                  logutils.Log

func (*Context) Settings

func (c *Context) Settings() *config.LintersSettings

type Linter

type Linter interface {
	Run(ctx context.Context, lintCtx *Context) ([]result.Issue, error)
	Name() string
	Desc() string

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