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common extensions unit tests



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const GetOutput = `` /* 234-byte string literal not displayed */

GetOutput provides a single Extension result.

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const ListOutput = `` /* 331-byte string literal not displayed */

ListOutput provides a single page of Extension results.


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var ExpectedExtensions = []extensions.Extension{ListedExtension}

ExpectedExtensions is a slice containing the Extension that should be parsed from ListOutput.

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var ListedExtension = extensions.Extension{
	Updated:     "2013-01-20T00:00:00-00:00",
	Name:        "Neutron Service Type Management",
	Links:       []interface{}{},
	Namespace:   "http://docs.openstack.org/ext/neutron/service-type/api/v1.0",
	Alias:       "service-type",
	Description: "API for retrieving service providers for Neutron advanced services",

ListedExtension is the Extension that should be parsed from ListOutput.

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var SingleExtension = &extensions.Extension{
	Updated:     "2013-02-03T10:00:00-00:00",
	Name:        "agent",
	Links:       []interface{}{},
	Namespace:   "http://docs.openstack.org/ext/agent/api/v2.0",
	Alias:       "agent",
	Description: "The agent management extension.",

SingleExtension is the Extension that should be parsed from GetOutput.


func HandleGetExtensionSuccessfully

func HandleGetExtensionSuccessfully(t *testing.T)

HandleGetExtensionSuccessfully creates an HTTP handler at `/extensions/agent` that responds with a JSON payload corresponding to SingleExtension.

func HandleListExtensionsSuccessfully

func HandleListExtensionsSuccessfully(t *testing.T)

HandleListExtensionsSuccessfully creates an HTTP handler at `/extensions` on the test handler mux that response with a list containing a single tenant.


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