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type Service

type Service struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service contains essential objects for host orchestration.

func NewService

func NewService(orch *ctriface.Orchestrator) (*Service, error)

NewService initializes the host orchestration state.

func (*Service) Attach

Attach prepares a streaming endpoint to attach to a running container.

func (*Service) ContainerStats

ContainerStats returns stats of the container. If the container does not exist, the call returns an error.

func (*Service) ContainerStatus

ContainerStatus returns status of the container. If the container is not present, returns an error.

func (*Service) CreateContainer

CreateContainer starts a container or a VM, depending on the name if the name matches "user-container", the cri plugin starts a VM, assigning it an IP, otherwise starts a regular container

func (*Service) Exec

Exec prepares a streaming endpoint to execute a command in the container.

func (*Service) ExecSync

ExecSync runs a command in a container synchronously.

func (*Service) ImageFsInfo

ImageFsInfo returns information of the filesystem that is used to store images.

func (*Service) ImageStatus

ImageStatus returns the status of the image. If the image is not present, returns a response with ImageStatusResponse.Image set to nil.

func (*Service) ListContainerStats

ListContainerStats returns stats of all running containers.

func (*Service) ListContainers

ListContainers lists all containers by filters.

func (*Service) ListImages

ListImages lists existing images.

func (*Service) ListPodSandbox

ListPodSandbox returns a list of PodSandboxes.

func (*Service) PodSandboxStatus

PodSandboxStatus returns the status of the PodSandbox. If the PodSandbox is not present, returns an error.

func (*Service) PortForward

PortForward prepares a streaming endpoint to forward ports from a PodSandbox.

func (*Service) PullImage

PullImage pulls an image with authentication config.

func (*Service) Register

func (s *Service) Register(server *grpc.Server)

Register registers the criapi servers.

func (*Service) RemoveContainer

RemoveContainer removes a container or a VM

func (*Service) RemoveImage

RemoveImage removes the image.

func (*Service) RemovePodSandbox

RemovePodSandbox removes the sandbox. If there are any running containers in the sandbox, they must be forcibly terminated and removed.

func (*Service) ReopenContainerLog

ReopenContainerLog asks runtime to reopen the stdout/stderr log file for the container.

func (*Service) RunPodSandbox

RunPodSandbox creates and starts a pod-level sandbox. Runtimes must ensure the sandbox is in the ready state on success.

func (*Service) StartContainer

StartContainer starts the container.

func (*Service) Status

Status returns the status of the runtime.

func (*Service) StopContainer

StopContainer stops a running container with a grace period (i.e., timeout).

func (*Service) StopPodSandbox

StopPodSandbox stops any running process that is part of the sandbox and reclaims network resources (e.g., IP addresses) allocated to the sandbox.

func (*Service) UpdateContainerResources

UpdateContainerResources updates ContainerConfig of the container.

func (*Service) UpdateRuntimeConfig

UpdateRuntimeConfig updates the runtime configuration based on the given request.

func (*Service) Version

Version returns the runtime name, runtime version, and runtime API version.

type VMConfig

type VMConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

VMConfig wraps the IP and port of the guest VM

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