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func CreateCommand

func CreateCommand(cli *cli.SensuCli) *cobra.Command

CreateCommand adds command that allows user to create new assets

func HelpCommand

func HelpCommand(cli *cli.SensuCli) *cobra.Command

HelpCommand defines new parent

func InfoCommand

func InfoCommand(cli *cli.SensuCli) *cobra.Command

InfoCommand defines new asset info command

func ListCommand

func ListCommand(cli *cli.SensuCli) *cobra.Command

ListCommand defines new command responsible for listing assets

func UpdateCommand

func UpdateCommand(cli *cli.SensuCli) *cobra.Command

UpdateCommand adds command that allows user to create new assets


type Config

type Config struct {
	Name      string
	Namespace string
	Sha512    string
	URL       string
	Filters   string

Config represents configurable attributes of an asset

func (*Config) Copy

func (cfgPtr *Config) Copy(asset *types.Asset)

Copy applies configured details to given asset

type ConfigureAsset

type ConfigureAsset struct {
	Flags     *pflag.FlagSet
	Args      []string
	Namespace string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigureAsset given details configures a new asset

func (*ConfigureAsset) Configure

func (cfgPtr *ConfigureAsset) Configure() (*types.Asset, []error)

Configure returns a new asset or returns error if arguments are invalid

type CreateExecutor

type CreateExecutor struct {
	Client    client.APIClient
	Namespace string

CreateExecutor executes create asset command

func (*CreateExecutor) Run

func (exePtr *CreateExecutor) Run(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

Run runs the command given arguments

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