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var (
	// MinuteSeconds seconds of one minute
	MinuteSeconds = 60
	// HourSeconds seconds of one hour
	HourSeconds = 60 * MinuteSeconds
	// DaySeconds seconds of one day
	DaySeconds = 24 * HourSeconds
	// KBytes size of k
	KBytes = 1024
	// MBytes size of m
	MBytes = 1024 * KBytes
	// GBytes size of g
	GBytes = 1024 * MBytes

	// ErrTimeParse time parse error
	ErrTimeParse = errors.New("time parse error")
	// ErrSizeParse size parse error
	ErrSizeParse = errors.New("file size parse error")


func CalculateBlocks

func CalculateBlocks(totalSize, blockSize int) (blocks int)

func GetFirstMatchedString

func GetFirstMatchedString(re *regexp.Regexp, source string) (string, bool)

func LastSubstring

func LastSubstring(s string, sep string) string

func ParseSeconds

func ParseSeconds(interval string) (int, error)

ParseSeconds from 1h 10m 10d

func ParseSize

func ParseSize(fileSize string) (int, error)

ParseSize parse the file size

func ShortSourceLoc

func ShortSourceLoc(skip int) (fileName string, line int, funcName string, ok bool)

func SourceLoc

func SourceLoc(skip int) (file string, line int, funcName string, ok bool)

func TrimBytes

func TrimBytes(bs []byte) []byte

func ZipCompress

func ZipCompress(sourceFile, archiveFile string) error


type RateLimiter

type RateLimiter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRateLimiter

func NewRateLimiter(rate, intervalMillis int64) *RateLimiter

func (*RateLimiter) Allowable

func (rl *RateLimiter) Allowable() bool

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