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WASM (Webassembly) integration

Important notice: in order to run the Webassembly demo at least Go 1.13 is required!

Starting from v1.4.0 Pigo has been ported to Webassembly 🎉. This proves the library real time performance capabilities.

This also means that for real time face detection it's not needed anymore to run the library in a Python environment as a shared library. For more details check the project description from the Readme file and also read this blog post for a more detailed explanation.

How to run it?

In order to run the WASM demo is as simple as to type the make command inside the wasm folder. This will build the wasm file and at the same time will start a new webserver. That's all. It will automatically open a new page in your default browser under the following address: http://localhost:5000/.

In case the lib.wasm is not getting generated automatically you can build it yourself by running the following command:

$ GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o lib.wasm wasm.go

Supported keys:

s - Show/hide pupils
c - Circle through the detection shape types (rectangle|circle|ellipse)
f - Show/hide facial landmark points (hidden by default)


For Webassembly related demos using the Pigo library check this separate repo:



Copyright © 2019 Endre Simo


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