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fork for library


  • upgrade for work with gorm v2
  • change stratagy for update sync column
  • add interface for sync languages of all models in database




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var Global = "en-US"

Global global language


func IsLocalizable

func IsLocalizable(db *gorm.DB) (IsLocalizable bool)

IsLocalizable return model is localizable or not

func RegisterCallbacks

func RegisterCallbacks(db *gorm.DB)

RegisterCallbacks register callback into GORM DB


type Locale

type Locale struct {
	LanguageCode string `sql:"size:20" gorm:"primary_key"`

Locale embed this struct into GROM-backend models to enable localization feature for your model

func (Locale) IsGlobal

func (l Locale) IsGlobal() bool

IsGlobal return if current locale is global

func (*Locale) SetLocale

func (l *Locale) SetLocale(locale string)

SetLocale set model's locale

type LocaleCodes

type LocaleCodes struct {
	LanguageAvailableCode pq.StringArray `gorm:"type:varchar(64)[]" json:"LanguageAvailableCode" l10n:"sync"`

type LocaleCreatable

type LocaleCreatable struct {

LocaleCreatable if you embed it into your model, it will make the resource be creatable from locales, by default, you can only create it from global

func (LocaleCreatable) CreatableFromLocale

func (LocaleCreatable) CreatableFromLocale()

CreatableFromLocale a method to allow your mod=el be creatable from locales

type LocalizeActionArgument

type LocalizeActionArgument struct {
	From string
	To   []string

LocalizeActionArgument localize action's argument

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