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Published: Apr 3, 2020 License: Apache-2.0


free5GC Stage 3 Installation Guide

Minimum Requirement

  • Software
    • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 or later versions
    • gcc 7.3.0
    • Go 1.12.9 linux/amd64
    • QEMU emulator 2.11.1
**Note:** Please use Ubuntu 18.04 or later versions and go 1.12.9 linux/amd64

You can use go version to check your current Go version.

- Hardware
    - CPU: Intel i5 processor
    - RAM: 4GB
    - Hard drive: 160G
    - NIC card: 1Gbps ethernet card

- Hardware recommended
    - CPU: Intel i7 processor
    - RAM: 8GB
    - Hard drive: 160G
    - NIC card: 10Gbps ethernet card

Hardware Tested

There are no gNB and UE for standalone 5GC available in the market yet.


A. Install Control Plane Entities
  1. Install the required packages

    sudo apt -y update
    sudo apt -y install mongodb wget git
    sudo systemctl start mongodb
  2. Go installation

    • If another version of Go is installed
      • Please remove the previous Go version
        • sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
      • Install Go 1.12.9
        sudo tar -C /usr/local -zxvf go1.12.9.linux-amd64.tar.gz
    • Clean installation
      • Install Go 1.12.9
        sudo tar -C /usr/local -zxvf go1.12.9.linux-amd64.tar.gz
        mkdir -p ~/go/{bin,pkg,src}
        echo 'export GOPATH=$HOME/go' >> ~/.bashrc
        echo 'export GOROOT=/usr/local/go' >> ~/.bashrc
        echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
        echo 'export GO111MODULE=off' >> ~/.bashrc
        source ~/.bashrc
  3. Clone free5GC project in $GOPATH/src

    cd $GOPATH/src
    git clone free5gc
  4. Run the script to install dependent packages

    cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc
    chmod +x ./```
    Please ignore error messages during the package dependencies installation process.
  5. Extract the free5gc_libs.tar.gz to setup the environment for compiling

    cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc
    tar -C $GOPATH -zxvf free5gc_libs.tar.gz
  6. Compile network function services in $GOPATH/src/free5gc, e.g. AMF:

    cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc
    go build -o bin/amf -x src/amf/amf.go
  7. Run network function services, e.g. AMF:

    cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc
    In step 3, the folder name should remain free5gc. Please do not modify it or the compilation would fail.
B. Install User Plane Entity (UPF)
  1. Install the required packages

    sudo apt -y update
    sudo apt -y install git gcc cmake autoconf libtool pkg-config libmnl-dev libyaml-dev
    go get -u
  2. Please check Linux kernel version if it is 5.0.0-23-generic

    uname -r

    Get Linux kernel module 5G GTP-U

    git clone
    cd gtp5g
    sudo make install
  3. Enter the UPF directory cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc/src/upf

  4. Build from sources

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
    make -j `nproc`
  5. Run UPF library test

    (In directory: $GOPATH/src/free5gc/src/upf/build
    sudo ./bin/testgtpv1
  6. Config is located at $GOPATH/src/free5gc/src/upf/build/config/upfcfg.yaml

C. Run Procedure Tests

Start Wireshark to capture any interface with pfcp||icmp||gtp filter and run the tests below to simulate the procedures:

cd $GOPATH/src/free5gc
chmod +x ./

a. TestRegistration

(In directory: $GOPATH/src/free5gc)
./ TestRegistration

b. TestServiceRequest

./ TestServiceRequest

c. TestXnHandover

./ TestXnHandover

d. TestDeregistration

./ TestDeregistration

e. TestPDUSessionReleaseRequest

./ TestPDUSessionReleaseRequest

g. TestNon3GPP

./ TestNon3GPP

h. TestULCL

./ -om 3 TestRegistration
Trouble Shooting
  1. ERROR: [SCTP] Failed to connect given AMF N3IWF=NGAP

    This error occured when N3IWF was started before AMF finishing initialization. This error usually appears when you run the TestNon3GPP in the first time.

    Rerun the test should be fine. If it still not be solved, larger the sleeping time in line 110 of

  2. TestNon3GPP will modify the config/amfcfg.conf. So, if you had killed the TestNon3GPP test before it finished, you might need to copy config/amfcfg.conf.bak back to config/amfcfg.conf to let other tests pass.

    cp config/amfcfg.conf.bak config/amfcfg.conf

Appendix A: System Environment Cleaning

The below commands may be helpful for development purposes.

  1. Remove POSIX message queues
    • ls /dev/mqueue/
    • rm /dev/mqueue/*
  2. Remove gtp tunnels (using tools in libgtpnl)
    • cd ./src/upf/lib/libgtpnl-1.2.1/tools
    • ./gtp-tunnel list
  3. Remove gtp devices (using tools in libgtpnl)
    • cd ./src/upf/lib/libgtpnl-1.2.1/tools
    • sudo ./gtp-link del {Dev-Name}

Appendix B: Program the SIM Card

Install packages:

sudo apt-get install pcscd pcsc-tools libccid python-dev swig python-setuptools python-pip libpcsclite-dev
sudo pip install pycrypto

Download PySIM

git clone git://

Change to pyscard folder and install

cd <pyscard-path>
sudo /usr/bin/python build_ext install

Verify your reader is ready

sudo pcsc_scan

Check whether your reader can read the SIM card

cd <pysim-path>
./ –p 0

Program your SIM card information

./ -p 0 -x 208 -y 93 -t sysmoUSIM-SJS1 -i 208930000000003 --op=8e27b6af0e692e750f32667a3b14605d -k 8baf473f2f8fd09487cccbd7097c6862 -s 8988211000000088313 -a 23605945

You can get your SIM card from sysmocom. You also need a card reader to write your SIM card. You can get a card reader from here or use other similar devices.

Release Note


  • AMF
    • Support SMF selection at PDU session establishment
    • Fix SUCI handling procedure
  • SMF
    • Feature
      • ULCL by config
      • Authorized QoS
    • Bugfix
      • PDU Session Establishment PDUAddress Information
      • PDU Session Establishment N1 Message
      • SMContext Release Procedure
  • UPF:
    • ULCL feature
    • support SDF Filter
    • support N9 interface
  • OAM
    • Get Registered UE Context API
    • OAM web UI to display Registered UE Context
  • N3IWF
    • Support Registration procedure for untrusted non-3GPP access
    • Support UE Requested PDU Session Establishment via Untrusted non-3GPP Access
  • UDM
    • SUCI to SUPI de-concealment
    • Notification
      • Callback notification to NF ( in SDM service)
      • UDM initiated deregistration notification to NF ( in UECM service)


  • Add debug mode on NFs
  • Auto add Linux routing when UPF runs
  • Add AMF consumer for AM policy
  • Add SM policy
  • Allow security NIA0 and NEA0
  • Add handover feature
  • Add webui
  • Update license
  • Bugfix for incorrect DNN
  • Bugfix for NFs registering to NRF


  • Global

    • Update license and readme
    • Add Paging feature
    • Bugfix for AN release issue
    • Add URL for SBI in NFs' config
  • AMF

    • Add Paging feature
    • Bugfix for SCTP PPID to 60
    • Bugfix for UE release in testing
    • Bugfix for too fast send UP data in testing
    • Bugfix for sync with defaultc config in testing
  • SMF

    • Add Paging feature
    • Create PDR with FAR ID
    • Bugfix for selecting DNN fail handler
  • UPF

    • Sync config default address with Go NFs
    • Remove GTP tunnel by removing PDR/FAR
    • Bugfix for PFCP association setup
    • Bugfix for new PDR/FAR creating
    • Bugfix for PFCP session report
    • Bugfix for getting from PDR
    • Bugfix for log format and update logger version
  • PCF

    • Bugfix for lost field and method


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