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func CreateAddr

func CreateAddr(name string, kb keyring.Keybase) (sdk.AccAddress, string, error)

    CreateAddr adds an address to the key store and returns an address and seed. It also requires that the key could be created.

    func CreateAddrs

    func CreateAddrs(kb keyring.Keybase, numAddrs int) (addrs []sdk.AccAddress, seeds, names []string, errs []error)

      CreateAddrs adds multiple address to the key store and returns the addresses and associated seeds in lexographical order by address. It also requires that the keys could be created.

      func GetConfig

      func GetConfig() (*tmcfg.Config, error)

        GetConfig returns a Tendermint config for the test cases.

        func InitClientHome

        func InitClientHome(dir string) string

          InitClientHome initialises client home dir.

          func InitializeLCD

          func InitializeLCD(
          	nValidators int, initAddrs []sdk.AccAddress, minting bool, portExt ...string,
          ) (cleanup func(), valConsPubKeys []crypto.PubKey, valOperAddrs []sdk.ValAddress, port string, err error)

            InitializeLCD starts Tendermint and the LCD in process, listening on their respective sockets where nValidators is the total number of validators and initAddrs are the accounts to initialize with some stake tokens. It returns a cleanup function, a set of validator public keys, and a port.


            type AddrSeed

            type AddrSeed struct {
            	Address sdk.AccAddress
            	Seed    string
            	Name    string

              AddrSeed combines an Address with the mnemonic of the private key to that address

              type AddrSeedSlice

              type AddrSeedSlice []AddrSeed

                AddrSeedSlice implements `Interface` in sort package.

                func (AddrSeedSlice) Len

                func (b AddrSeedSlice) Len() int

                func (AddrSeedSlice) Less

                func (b AddrSeedSlice) Less(i, j int) bool

                  Less sorts lexicographically by Address

                  func (AddrSeedSlice) Swap

                  func (b AddrSeedSlice) Swap(i, j int)

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